Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I really want to sleep but I cannot because of the pain.  First about sources - a lot of my sourcing is anony posts which say do not publish and then they guide me in how to prove what they are claiming about an elected official.  In the case of Cornejo-Lopez I got two communications that one she was in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, and a second she was in violation of state law.  I am very happy with these type sources.  They know they can communicate with me anonymously, but also must guide me with evidence to prove the claim.  It is a system which works well for me and my source.


They will either dismiss the complaint because upon learning of her conduct being a violation of state law and the Rules of Professional Conduct she withdrew from the race, or give her a private reprimand as a warning to all judges.

This is the problem with the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Cornejo-Lopez has the power to send people to the death chamber, but is not required to demonstrate excellence in knowledge of the law. Our legal system is broken because the Commission on Judicial Conduct and State Bar are criminal enterprises designed to keep the unethical and  criminal conduct going.

Oh, I forgot until a reader just reminded me, the BV getting rid of Elia Cornejo-Lopez as Presas-Garcia's opponent, according to Presas-Garcia would be another example of my bias against her and my determination to damage her campaign.


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago the Lt. Governor was in Brownsville, where a reception was had at then new Republican campaign office. Guess who was handing out campaign material to help get her husband elected as the new Tax Assessor come November. All rise the Judge is here! The Judicial Review board should at that one to the list.

BobbyWC said...

The Texas Commission on Judicial conduct has lost every free speech case which has gone to court. So long as she was not saying saying I am Judge Elia or wherein her robe, she was 100% within her rights.

Bobby wc