Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I have lost count on how many comments I have rejected asking for more information on the campaign finance reports of the BISD candidates. I cannot comprehend the question. They seem to be able to type a question which makes them look lazy, but are seemingly unable to click on the top link to the left with all BISD filings. I just do not get it.

It is like when people ask me a question which they can google just as easily as I can.  I guess a lot of the blog readers do not know anything about google.

Guys, low information voters are why we are in the mess we are in.  If you are too lazy click on the link to the left, then you probably should not vote.

I am back to bed.  I am burning up.  I was awake most of the night.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone is as knowledgeable as you. People see you as a mentor and a source for answers. No question is a stupid question. Help us to help ourselves.

BobbyWC said...

First and foremost, thank you for the professional manner in which you posed your question. I encourage questions with people all of the time. I know from many of the people I work with I have to explain simply things many, many times. I am very patient. I get people want information and this is good. I celebrate these people. But the link is right there. I put it there so people could see it for themselves. Now I will admit to a real hypocrisy. Although I have a mentor for some 39 years, and what he taught me has guided me every day of my life since I met him, I am very uncomfortable with mentoring unless it is with a young person. I know it makes no sense - but that is how I feel.

My mentor saw his mother and grandmother removed from his home, while he was at a distance, by the Nazi's in Warsaw. At 16, he join the Polish partisans. His mother and grandmother died in the camps for the crime of harboring Jews in their home. Israel planted a tree in the family name. He saw Nazi's crush the brains of children by holding them by their feet while swinging their heads in to the curb, when they would get caught escaping the Warsaw ghetto in search of food. But he also remembers that young German private who helped him escape as he and other Polish partisans where being taken to a wall to be shot.

During our endless conversations and the 6-7 courses I took with him he never, ever had a harsh word towards the Germans. he taught me the importance of separating out issues and the causes for mistakes in history.

he is rare bread of a mentor which is while in his case I believe in mentoring.

But if mentoring makes people depended on others for readily available information it can be bad. I agree some people through no fault of their own cannot find basis information. But some people just want someone to do it for them, and that is not healthy or good

bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Oh ok, so where is the link? I am interested in finding out.

BobbyWC said...

Did you read the post. I said top left. Now if you read the bv on your phone you may not see it and that is the problem