Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The fee is $1,250.00 and the deadline is August 22, 2016.  Under the rules while someone like Dan Sanchez cannot run as a write in for county judge he can run as a write in for district attorney.  See Rules.  The problem with Dan is, a permanent special prosecutor would have to be hired to do all cases in his brother's court.  So Dan is out.


This election is going to be a palanca vote, which means the majority will probably just mark Democrat on the top of the ballot and be done with it.

Masso was also a long shot.  His supporters were so blinded by their hatred for Saenz they could not see Masso had too much baggage to be able to win.  While Masso may be a very approachable and amiable person, as a candidate he was a disaster.  Many of his supporters told him to come out against LNG.  He refused thereby telling the people he could win without SPI or Port Isabel. Any candidate who writes off an entire area of the electorate is incapable of winning.

The anti-Saenz campaign which was set up was good, but it was not enough to overcome the anti-Masso views of so many.  Many saw him tied to LNG, 8-liners, and the bridge to nowhere.  He just had way too much baggage in his history to be trusted.

So I put this out there.  It will take a candidate of strong clean character who can raise money.  It will take the anti-Saenz people to spend a lot of money on weekly Sunday ads and setting up an effective web page referred to in the ads.

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Anonymous said...

What about the Republican candidate Jeremy Sorelle?