Saturday, August 27, 2016


Do not read the graphic if vulgar language will upset you, but it is essential to the story.  Robert Morrow was not released as the Party Chair for his consistent abusive language, but because he had himself put on the presidential ballot as a write in while attacking Donald Trump.

Here is the kicker though, 54% of the voting Republicans this year in Travis county elected him the county chair, knowing how crazy his language was.  What does that say about the Travis County Republicans?

"Morrow was elected chairman in March with 54 percent of the vote, unseating incumbent James Dickey. He quickly built a reputation for his conspiracy theories — which accuse politicians living and dead of adultery, murder and pedophilia — his lewd denunciations and his outlandish public appearances."

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Hillary is down only 6% in Texas. The right story showing how disastrous the Republicans are in Texas could put her well within the margin of error by the time early voting starts.  No matter how much I dislike her, if she is within the margin of error by early voting I will be voting for her.  A win by Hillary could mean the end of the Republicans in Texas, and the Dems taking the governors house in 2018.

Also another poll has former governor Perry beating Ted Cruz in a Senate race in 2018.  The Republican Party is fracturing, now is the time to strike.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC: Changing place and party, some of our local Democrats are just as off the wall in more ways that one.
What does that say about OUR local democratic party?
I am NOT a republican, but our local democrats are people with delirous of greatness about themselves and 9 out of 10 times it is only in THEIR mind.

BobbyWC said...

You have never heard me defend the Cameron County Republican Party. IN fact Gilberto Hinojosa attacked me state wide over my campaign to educate the Party that we as democrats Cameron County voted him out of office in favor of a Republican.

I started with the rules of Professional conduct and election code which forced Cornejo Lopez off the BISD ballot.

So please - do not give me this shit that implies this story is one sided. I am reporting facts. he is the story of the. I cover everyone equally. Your distraction will not change teh fact Travis county Republicans voted out the incumbent in favor of this vulgar idiot. That is a fact. I do not like Amber Medina as the Cameron County Democratic chair but she has never done anything like this

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC: You missed my whole point. I was NOT talking about YOU.
It NEVER crossed my mind that the story is one sided. The fact of the matter is that I was actually siding with you in the article and my point was that locally there are way too many Democrats that DONT FOLLOW rules, once in a while they get caught and have no other choice but to mend their ways and SOMETIMES, just SOMETIMES get kicked out by the voters but the next person that comes in is just as bad.
I am sorry you got the wrong idea, as I said before, I was in agreement with you, but I guess you didn't see it that way. I am a retired female person, not involved in local politics. I do like to read information on the blogs and I NEVER, EVER offend the blogger. I am sorry you took it that way.