Friday, August 12, 2016


If you note on my Carlos Elizondo post I went out of my way to admit I first saw the issue of his attempt at expungement on Juanito's page.  I always do my best to admit when I am building on another blogger's story.

Juanito has actually written a very well thoughtout honest piece on downtown. He is 100% spot on it is about getting people with money to relocate downtown.  

With the parking garage if I had something to do or see downtown I would go.


I propose the city helps an apartment complex developer to find enough land in and around downtown, and preferably facing the river in the event the weir dam ever becomes a reality, and offer them 5 years tax abatement or maybe even more.

This has to be a major complex with a community building and one or two large pools.  It must be gated.

Condos and townhouses are a thing of the past. In a place like Brownsville their value will never go up.

But there are a lot of young couples or just young people who prefer to live in high dollar apartment complexes.

If the city were to push for such a project, it could lead to more dry cleaning stores, high dollar restaurants, and even maybe a club or two which is not a dive.  It will take just one successful high dollar apartment complex to encourage more high dollar development,

But bottom line is, Juanito is right, until we bring the people in, downtown will not develop.

So the question now is, how do we bring in the people.  With a major tax abatement for a high dollar apartment complex developer.  This is exactly how they did it all over Dallas.  It takes time, but it can work.

The complex is perfect for medical personnel at Valley Baptist, personnel at UTRGV and TSC, and even a student of three who may be able to afford it.  But we need to offer a tax abatement.

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