Thursday, August 4, 2016


I need to run out, but here is the summary.  The Sylvia Atkinson indictment never showed up in the system because almost immediately DA Saenz realized the evidence was questionable. Sylvia Atkinson's attorney Noe Garza presented DA Saenz evidence BISD withheld evidence, namely Desesperanza Zendejas and the BISD Chief of police, which showed Sylvia Atkinson in fact did have full permission to use the information of her coworkers on her application.

Now I agree the role of Zendejas and the chief of BISD police is an inference based on reality. The Chief of Police lead the investigation and had to have had the exculpatory evidence Noe Garza had no problem producing for DA Saenz.  Zendejas had to have known because the criminal complaint never would have been filed without her knowledge.  At a minimum she was incompetent.  Further after such a major mistake why has the police chief not been fired?  He knows the truth so he is protected.

The entire BISD election is a con - I image myself voting a blank ballot.  Had Atkinson done what those close to her claims she promised to do, Zendejas would have been sent packing.  So now no one will be indicted for leaking the indictment, and no one will be held accountable for withholding the exculpatory evidence.

Is all of this possible without a backdoor deal?  Nope - and we the taxpayers are now paying for it. Chirinos said local business people came to him to keep Zendejas, I will leave it at that.  Most people can infer who those local business men or not so local who went to him.  Had the truth come out about the Atkinson mess Zendejas would have been toast and all of the incumbents in a lot of trouble if they did not move for her immediate removal.

This is 100% about control of a 1/2 billion dollar budget and corruption has won out again.  Again the kids have been screwed.

On election day our real choice will be incumbents, some backed by Miked Hernandez, or a challenger funded by Mike Hernandez - hence we are screwed.

It is sad the FBI will not investigate this back door deal which has now kept the wrongdoing covered up.

I say everyone should vote a blank ballot.  Anyone willing to remain silent over what happened is not doing it for  free.


Anonymous said...

Joe Rodriquez actually said that it was Hernandez who had the meeting and gave the check.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you know which candidates have filed for BISD yet?

BobbyWC said...

Nope there is plenty of time

Bobby WC