Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Elia Cornejo Lopez technically remains on the ballot.  Remi Garza has no authority at this time to remove her from the ballot.  Gary Long as is always the case cannot read even a simple statute.  I will get there.

Upon learning of my judicial complaint, and posting of the election law, Elia Cornejo Lopez went to the elections office and was told that Remi Garza would follow the law.  She was told BISD will submit the ballot and that they would actually be the ones to determine if her name remains on the ballot.

Elia Cornejo Lopez was told exactly what was told to Remi Garza's office by the lawyers at the SOS office.  She cannot be on the ballot for two offices.

Gary Long's statement it is for Elia Lopez to decide what to do is incorrect.  The last position she applied for is invalid.  This means her application for BISD is invalid.  But BISD can refuse to remove her name which will mean the SOS office will have to get involved.

The law, missed by Gary Long:

"(b) If a person files more than one application for a place on a ballot in violation of this section, each application filed subsequent to the first one filed is invalid."

Further the fact her BISD application is invalid as a matter of law does not change the fact she violated the Canon's of Judicial Conduct. The Commission can do anything from a private reprimand to removing her as a judge for her actions. Actually they can run cover for her and say it does not matter she failed to resign. "Shall" does not provide for discretion, but the Commission can simply say since her name was removed from the BISD ballot, they will give her a pass.

The BV where you come for the complete and accurate story. I expect a notice of withdrawal filed by Elia Cornejo Lopez to be filed in the next day or two with BISD. But we still need to investigate the con. I am convinced she intended to resign if she won so that the Board could appoint someone acceptable to the Rodriguez majority. This story is far from over for Elia Cornejo Lopez.

The Herald will never print the truth, so it is up to the bloggers to find a real - not made up - credible source who will give us the real story and evidence of the con - such as an email. Maybe I should call the Russian Embassy for help.


Anonymous said...

And BISD lawyer didn't know the law and could have told her way before all this would happen?
I question again and again. WHY do the Feds go to Donna, Progreso and NOT Brownsville ISD to INVESTIGATE?

BobbyWC said...

Think about this JUDGE Elia Cornejo Lopez had to go to a non-lawyer for legal advice on the plain language of the law. And she oversees death penalty cases.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Good question.