Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The best way to depict Mike Hernandez is to compare his words to his actions and associations.  He cannot deny his words, unless he is going to claim Steve Clark fabricated the quote.

“I just came down here trying to figure out what’s wrong,” he said. “What’s causing this? I came looking for villains, and there aren’t any. Really what it is that I’ve found, is that the culture down here is such that the local government entities, for example, seem to work in silos. There’s not a lot of collaboration between them behind one overall vision for Brownsville, for Cameron County.”

Source:  The Herald

Mike Hernandez in the hiring of Frank Hill to threaten a defamation suit against McHale, only proves what I have said over and over again, "If you have the money, I will find a lawyer to sue God for you for making you stupid."

What are the offending comments by McHale?

"Mike 'El Moco' Hernandez is a fraud. From the beginning of his arrival in Brownsville as a carpetbagger/scalawag, Hernandez has been selling snake oil.

"The founder of the fascist organization OP 10.33 and its SS enforcer V-3, Hernandez intends to replace Brownsville's traditional corruption with his updated formula, a model he has learned from Carlos 'El Mago' Marin, the Machiavellian Matamoros millionaire, but has far from perfected, his losses in the Port and TSC races proving that this self-proclaimed sage is little more than a dumb ass used-car salesman."

The key here is the "silo" comment.

Mike Hernandez on his OP 10.33 FB page made clear he has total confidence in Carlos Marin. Carlos Marin's engineering firm helped to create Imagine Brownsville which cost about $900,000.  Once the bogus report which has gone nowhere was complete and the people were forced through fraud to line up for hours to tell Marin's group about the desperate need for sidewalks, Imagine Brownsville morphed into United Brownsville,  To date this organization which has its purpose the promotion of Brownsville has cost the taxpayers over a 1 million dollars.  No fraud here according to Mike Hernandez.

Carlos Marin is tied to Tony Martinez and nearly all of the Brownsville city commission.  Again the key term is "silo."  Brownsville under Tony Martinez is suing the state and surrounding cities to stop the new law concerning Brownsville's abusive use of extraterritorial jurisdiction.  Tony Martinez is also leading the battle to keep Brownsville out of a regional MPO.  This will cost the LRGV millions.

The architect of the "silo"  is Carlos Marin and his compadres like Tony Martinez.  Mike Hernandez has made both key advisers.  No jury is ever going to believe based on the evidence Mike Hernandez is any thing but a fraud.  The reality on the ground is he supports those who have built the silo he claims he opposes.  Why has he not spoken out against the city of Brownsville suing its sister cities and the state, or the city's opposition to the Regional MPO if his goal is to solve the "silo" problem?

How is Tony Martinez and the City of Brownsville's action helping to build a regional area of development.

Mike Hernandez came to Brownsville and ran to Carlos Marin for his lies.  I know for a fact because I have been told same, Marin convinced Hernandez and Jose Angel Gutierrez that Trey Mendez had to go because he destroyed UTB.  Hernandez and Gutierrez just went with the lie and sought to run someone against Mendez.  Then they learned Mendez was way too popular to oppose which caused them to fear opposition to Mendez would cost them the Port Elections.  So in an act of desperation Marin and Hernandez gave money to Mendez, not in support of Mendez but in an attempt to buy favor with the voters.  Trey certainly cannot be bought.

I am going to have to do this in two parts.  It is already too long for the readers.  But for now think about it, is Hernandez in bed with those who have built this silo he claims to want to fight, or is he denouncing those who have created the silo?  He is clearly in bed with the very people this fraud claims created the system which holds Brownsville back.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, are you trying to get sued also by Mike Hernandez? You better watch it...he might come after you too.

BobbyWC said...

Let's do it. You seem to forget Mike and others told me a lot about OP10.33. The depositions would be a lot of fun - well for me not Mike.

Further everything I said is 100% true

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

He is now trying to get on the good side of.Bisd. Gave 100,000 for scholarships and met with the board majority.