Friday, August 5, 2016


As a clarification, there are good specialists and good nurses in both hospitals.  The problem is the Administration in both hospitals are incompetent and will never address the fundamental problems facing both hospitals.   I already told the story of the attending in VB Surgery ICU who got in my face and said it was not his concern to write a report for insurance purposes for his patient.  

I have known exhaustion in ways unimaginable until now.  I have no idea how I am functioning. There is so much on my plate and every item has the same problem - incompetence and cover-up.

The young lady who the TDOT reports shows has been charged with intoxication assault remains free.  Yea, Chief Rodriguez allowing a drunk to drive around free who nearly killed someone.  

Yesterday trying to get through my exhaustion I investigated the issue of why the emergency surgery for this young man who is the victim of the intoxication assault has not been done.  For two weeks VB claimed no doctor was available and their hands were tied.  

Here is the malpractice - under Texas law if you cannot manage a trauma case, you have a legal duty as a hospital to send the patient to the nearest trauma center.  VB did not do that.  They just kept the patient sedated in ICU while taking no action to move him to a trauma center.

Yesterday it all finally hit me and I had the family demand that University Hospital in San Antonio Trauma Center be contacted.  The doctor in charge of trauma at VB agreed, and within 30 minutes the patient was approved for transfer to San Antonio.  When he arrived at midnight, the trauma doctors were ready and started their assessment.  The mother is with him, and the father is leaving in the morning.  The surgery can be today or tomorrow.  The first question asked of the mother was, why did it take three weeks for VB to transfer him to a trauma center?  Lawyers will be asking the same question of VB.

For two weeks VB delayed on the excuse the doctor was on vacation - no - the law requires they immediately transfer a trauma patient to a trauma center.

Once the doctor who has privileges at Dr. Renaissance returned from vacation took the patient.  Dr. Renaissance also agreed.  But the reality is Dr. Renaissance lied about accepting the patient thereby delaying the emergency surgery.  After 4 days of Dr. Renaissance claiming they had no beds available I intervened.  If you have no beds available then you do not accept a trauma patient - you send them off to the nearest trauma center.

One thing lead to another and administration at VB blamed Dr. Renaissance and Dr. Renaissance blamed VB.  I kept on telling both sides to stop the blame game and to get us a bed.  Dr. Renaissance made it clear it could not get off the blame game, so when the ambulance arrived to take him to San Antonio he was off.  Both hospitals violated state law concerning trauma patients.  

Think about how bad the general practitioner doctors have to be at VB surgery ICU - they chose to sit on a trauma patient and do nothing because they did not know what to do.  They will very soon know as the lawyers explain all of the laws they violated.

My recommendation to anyone in need of medical care in the LRGV if you can afford to go to San Antonio or Houston - go - while there are good specialists and nurses at our hospitals on balance they are the bottom of the barrel and simply do not care.

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