Thursday, August 25, 2016


Upon learning Jessica's former employee had a pending arrest warrant she asked that it be enforced.  At the time she was being video recorded on a domestic abuse charge against the same person.  The arrest warrant was in part for the employee driving a company truck without proper registration.  He failed to appear when Jessica and Art Kalifa refused to pay that part of the fine.  He was working for them at the time using an unregistered company truck.  He would tell interesting stories about what he was doing other than washing cars when he was sent out in the truck.

On the day he discovered he was punched out while not washing cars, a matter which Jessica and Art had already lost in federal court with other employees, a domestic abuse situation followed after he left work.  When the officer refused to even enter the home to take pictures of the damage or the victim or arrest Jessica's employee she assured me she would have the sergeant on duty call the police officer at  the location to do his job.  An hour later she texted me to say she could not find the phone number for the police.  I am certain even her children know it is 911.

This guy had a lot of stories about how Jessica and Art Kalifa run their businesses.  It was not in her best interest to have this guy arrested.

The best we know is he skipped out to Dallas to work in construction for a family member.  He left behind unpaid child support for three children from two different women, and an unexecuted arrest warrant Chief Rodriguez refused to order executed on.  Do you now know why Jessica calls him the best police chief ever?

The corruption will never end.  Forget the FBI - they make Villalobos look like a saint.

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