Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Look I am no fan of Detective Clipper - I am gunning for his dismissal.  But the claim he is the one who spoke with the son of the woman who killed Mary Tipton is false.  The first officer at the scene was Esteban Niño.  I am going to do this systematically.  My goal is justice for Mary Tipton.  I know the readers get overwhelmed with long posts so this will take a few days.  Let's begin with the day of the accident.  Office Niño testified on pay 31 of his deposition he was dispatch for an accident involving an animal.  See below.  Without hearing the 911 call this tells me that whomever called the police mislead them about the nature of the accident.  That person needs to be charged with obstructing a police investigation.  

The copy I have is too dark to post.  I got it from Tipton's FB page.  It has since been taken down.  But Officer Niño wrote in his report he had no camera, which would presumptively include a cell phone in order to take pictures of the car involved in the accident.  If you believe Officer Niño then please move on because you will never ever understand any of this.  I am working on the report and will post it.  I just need a clean copy.

Below is Officer Niño's admission he spoke with Marin the son and not the driver of the vehicle which killed Mary Tipton.  Pg 37 of Depo. According to Marin he as a sheriff's deputy while looking at the damage to the car the mother was driving probably hit an animal.  Key to this are pictures of the car.  I have told Ralph Tipton what he can do to get documentation of the extent of the damage to the vehicle.  This will be be key in charging Niño and Marin with obstruction of justice 

I got a lecture and a half yesterday from a law enforcement officer for arguing the blame for lack of discipline is on Sheriff Lucio and Chief Rodriguez.  No - the blame is on them and that is where I am heading with on this long story - but in increments.  They both have to go.  Neither serve and protect the people - it is that simple.



I hit a seagull once on SH83 going 70, and it did not break my windshield.

In addition to breaking a windshield the side mirror was bend backwards.  I am sorry but this type combination damage does not happen when you hit a small animal.  I have reject comments today I am assuming by people tied to the defense claiming deer and our local elk are hit all of the time on this highway.  Fine, where did the body go.  I am sorry if you hit a deer or one of our local elk and did not see it then you were not paying attention to your driving.  They are just too big to miss.

Sheriff Deputy Marin and BPD Office Niño both saw this level of damage to the vehicle and dismissed it as nothing.  Both need to be outright fired and charged with obstruction of justice.  At sometime I need to see the autopsy report to see if she died right away or hours later.  It makes a difference.

Look to the separation of the bumper


Unless you are willing to put your name to the post it will never appear on the BV.  Further you are shameless to continue to blame the victim in this.  Your distractions will never see the light of day on the BV.  Put your name to it and say that a sheriff deputy and police officer could have believed an animal caused this level of damage.

I will slowly get through all of the evidence and do the investigation Saenz will never do.  Ernesto Gamez was hired to defend the defendant because of his relationship with Saenz and not his legal acumen.

Judge De Coss - do your job and force this case to trial.


Anonymous said...

DeCoss spoke up for Tipton dont blame him.

BobbyWC said...

Asking De Coss to force this case to trial is not blaming him. Trust me if properly handled this case works for De Coss and Victor Cortez. Cortez needs to make Lucio's incompetence in handling his deputy a big issue. I believe Cortez will be a terrible sheriff. But in the long run I think getting rid of Lucio will send a strong message to the elected officials we are done with all of this game playing. De Coss cannot play this to anyone, but Cortez can and in a way which helps De Coss. I have every reason to believe De Coss is going to do the right thing

Bobby WC