Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well it appears BISD is on people's mind this morning, but the reality is, it is possible to vote for the right people.  We demand the candidates take specific stands on specific issues.

I have complained before the candidates get an "F" for use of their FB pages.  I really do not want to read the same old BS - transparency - kids first - BFD.

Castro blocks from his page everyone who challenges his garbage and lies, and his campaign is transparency - and yes idiots believe blocking people who challenge Castro is evidence of him being transparent.


Two issues are, news reports show Food Services and Transportation are a mess.   The solution is so simple.  I have discussed this for years, but no candidate seems to think it is important.


You win with votes - yep that simple.

I will not even consider voting for any candidate unwilling to promise BISD will hire veterans to run Transportation and Food Services.  We have lots of veterans who ran Transportation and Logistics, and Food Services at a battalion level who would take these jobs in a heart beat.  This is about good management and fiscal soundness in how BISD is run. It makes no sense you take a former teacher with no experience in transportation or food service and make them the administrators over these very important parts of BISD.  It is time these positions going to failed administrators or as political pay offs ends.

The third issue is the hiring of an independent counsel to determine who is to blame for the exculpatory evidence which was withheld in the Sylvia Atkinson case.  Upon learning of her indictment she immediately put before Saenz the exculpatory evidence which is why the indictment never showed up.  The delay in dropping the charges was about the cover up.

One of two things happened.  BISD withheld the evidence which means, Desesperanza Zendejas and the Chief of Police need to be fired and indicted, or Saenz withheld the evidence from the grand jury.

This is not complex and anyone with minimal experience in grand juries knows what to do, and Saenz has not done it.  Why?  Maybe Saenz has something to hide.

We begin with who leaked the indictment.  All Saenz has to do is ask the grand jury to ask Montoya who leaked to him the indictment.  If he refuses to answer the court can hold him in contempt and send him to jail.  Montoya will give up his source.  This will start the process of unraveling this entire mess.

But here is the deal.  Theses are real issues, and you will not see them on the FB pages of the candidates.  All you will see is the same old same old - it's about the kids, transparency.  Bullshit - time to take a stand on the corruption by demanding an investigation into a real issue.


"On October 1, 2004, federal Judge Thomas F. Hogan found Miller in contempt of court for refusing to appear before a federal grand jury, which was investigating who had leaked to reporters the fact that Valerie Plame was a CIA operative. Miller did not write an article about the subject at the time of the leak, but others did, notably Robert Novak, spurring the investigation. Judge Hogan sentenced her to 18 months in jail, but stayed the sentence while her appeal proceeded. On February 15, 2005, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit unanimously upheld Judge Hogan's ruling. On June 17, 2005, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case. On July 6, 2005, Judge Hogan ordered Miller to serve her sentence at "a suitable jail within the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia". She was taken to Alexandria City Jail on July 7, 2005"



Anonymous said...

You say that BISD Transportation is a real issue that needs to be addressed. You are starting to sound like Donald Trump. Tell your readers what specific things make the department an issue beside your idea of hiring a veteran to run the department. Don't get me wrong, their are veterans and other non-serving military community members that can do a good job of managing a transportation department. So, what makes BISD Transportation a mess that needs fixing?

Anonymous said...

I got an automatic (I think is called "robo call") call last night. It said it was a survey and there were 5 questions only. It explained that it was in reference to the BISD election yet NONE of the questions asked were about any of the new people challenging the current board members. The questions were about Minerva Pena, Catalina Presas, Chirinos, and Powers. Three of the five questions specifically mentioned each one by name. The other two questions were about where money should be spend in BISD and the importance of sports and curriculum (one question each). The number was local (956) area code, but the name was "Unknown". Is that legal? If it is a survey, why were only these individuals targeted? I hope another survey is made where ALL individuals are included. Is a "robo" call survey permitted and for what purposes ?
I did press 1, 2, or 3, but I am just curious.

BobbyWC said...

While I admit this is going back a bit, an audit found through demonstrative evidence extreme waste in purchasing, and for years there have been ongoing problems between administration and the drivers.

I know for a fact Joe Rodriguez is blocking a new audit. I have been told this twice by two reliable sources, and one source who just confirmed Joe's power on the issue.

You are not going to convince me or anyone else having Transportation run by administrators transferred in as punishment for failure elsewhere is going to get you the best management. This is about the best management possible which is also fiscally sound. It is not about defending a system which keeps everything quite until it explodes. If we start with Transportation and Food Services, and we see cost savings and better management, maybe then an argument can be made to turn the big one, Purchasing, over to a veteran who ran procurement at a battalion level. Now that would end rigged contracts. Which again would be in BISD's best interest.

I am at a loss as to the educating of our students. Special needs still has problems. They just do not get that sometimes even smart students can only function in smaller classrooms. The administration just does not understand how a student who is in the wrong type classroom can end up disrupting the classroom for everyone, especially the teacher.

We need a special needs department which knows how to test students for how they learn so we can begin to place them in the proper classrooms so they can excel. i am very proud of this young lady who just graduated. We fought nearly every year to get her what she needed. She ended up learning how to read and loving biology enough to go Air Force for medical training. Had BISD had their way she would have kept on getting in trouble and dropped out. Cubbyholes are for extra underwear and tissues, not children. They learn differently and in a school district the size of BISD we can afford to place them in the type classroom where they will succeed.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

While I understand your concern surveys are private matters. Even the VA is always sending me paper surveys which are geared toward the veteran blaming the general practitioners for everything. I only answer the comment section wherein I say the survey is bogus because the questions about how long it takes to see your doctor once you get there do not take into account any problems the doctor may have to explore with any given veteran which may take longer than the allotted time. my doctor is always running real late and I never complain because she is very careful to check everything. I prefer a doctor who is running late than one on a timer who says, sorry your symptoms of a heart condition will have to wait until next time because time is up.

Best thing to do is just hang up on surveys.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people claim to be advocates for children and only run when it comes to powerful city positions! Sergio Zararte ran a campaign for special needs children on the city level but never applies himself to run for children of special needs at BISD. We need parents that know the struggle our children face. I will vote for Sergio!