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This is simple, Chief Rodriguez is refusing to execute on an arrest warrant against a former Tetreau employee.  The warrant in part involves a business vehicle owned by Jessica and her husband. The person is a former employee not because of his alleged criminal wrongdoing, but because he went public with the fact Jessica and Art continued the policy of checking employees out when they were not washing cars.

It may not seem important, but the police have a complaint and video of a domestic abuse victim, concerning this same former employee of the  Kalifa/Tetreau.  When the officer at the scene refused to arrest this man for abuse, Jessica agreed to have the sergeant on duty to inform the officer at the scene the victim does not have to agree to prosecute in order to arrest the abuser.  The officer refused to so much as to go into the home to see the damage done to the home during the altercation. No pictures were taken and no evidence preserved.  The officer admitted he saw the bump on her heard.  He saw no reason to take any pictures of anything

The Lieutenant assigned to work with this family has claimed that he sees no wrongdoing in how the officer handled the matter.  I showed him the text from Jessica that she could not find the number for the police department so she never made the call

This victim the other night called the police demanding the abuser be removed from her home.  They refused.  She was claiming he was pawning her possessions.  The police refused to help. They are not married.  He is not on the lease, and she can lose her housing voucher because he is in the home.  Every time she demands he leaves her home a fight breaks out.  Her children are traumatized.  The eldest lives with the grandmother because she fears this man.  I have personally seen the 2 year old have a melt down over being told he has to go to his father, the abuser, while crying out for his grandfather.

The victim has abandoned her home to protect herself and her children.  The detective in charge of the abuse case who refuses to have an arrest warrant issued for the domestic abuse which has been verified in a video taped complaint actually said when housing pulls her voucher because the abuser will not leave her home, they will help her find a homeless shelter.

This is so simple execute on the traffic warrant and remove him from the home and then issue the criminal trespass warning the victim has invoked.

A formal complaint lodged with Charlie Cabler was ignored.


The abuser and former Jessica employee was driving a company vehicle which had an expired registration.  Jessica and her husband endangers all of Brownsville by allowing someone without a license to do company business in a company vehicle.  Yes the no license is his problem, but the failure to maintain a proper registration on a company truck falls on Jessica and her grandfather husband Art Kalifa.

The police are refusing to use the arrest warrant which is active to remove this man from the abused woman's home.  She is now homeless living with family members.  If she does not pay her part of the rent for a home she cannot even live in Housing will pull the voucher and the landlord will evict her for non-payment all the while the abuser remains free to live in her home causing all of these problems.


The son remains in Surgery ICU.  It took a lot of pressure and threats to get the police report released.  It was needed for the surgery to be paid for by the state.  It clearly says Gabriela Salazar charged with Intoxication Assault.  She basically made a fast U-Turn on Price running the passenger side of the vehicle into a palm tree.  The police refuse to arrest her despite the charge.  They blame the policies of DA Saenz.  Bullshit Chief Rodriguez - the decision to arrest is yours, not DA Saenz.  Stop making excuses for the incompetence of your officers and do your job.

Detective Clipper has been assigned to the case.  This family has a history with Detective Clipper. He showed up at Palm Resaca and told a relative of this family that if he did not immediately pay alleged civil damages to Palm Resaca he would be arrested.  Chief Rodriguez refused to take any action and ran cover for Detective Clipper.

It turned out the resident who was threatened with arrest by Detective Clipper had cancer and that was the source of the problem.  The resident paid the alleged civil damages to avoid being arrested by Detective Clipper.

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Detective Clipper showed up in Surgery ICU and without getting clearance from any medical personnel demanded to interview the victim who was in a forced sedation.  It will be months before his brain will not be influenced by the heavy painkillers.  The family is waiting on an approved transfer to Doctors Renaissance where the surgeon has privileges for the type surgery needed.   The pelvic area has major bone breaks in many areas.  He is flying high on pain killers.


I have read three and there are three stories.  As to what Garbiela Salazar is claiming the police through their incompetence have made any statements worthless. Valley Baptist upon court order is ready to turn over the blood and urine tests which prove the intoxication, but the police have no interest in arresting the woman.  They claim they must wait 2 months for official results from the state.  Pure bullshit and lies.  People are arrested every day based on what the officer saw at the scene, and hospital lab work.

The police report clearly states, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and the smell of alcohol before she was administered any drugs for her pain.  This is more than enough for an arrest.

The evidence of who was driving is not in dispute.  She has admitted she was driving.  The victim was removed from the passenger side with the jaws of life.  According to Chief Rodriguez this is only enough to charge her but not arrest her.

The family may need a pro bono criminal defense lawyer to represent their son.  The best I can determine is the police want to shift the blame to the victim.  The police reports agree they were at a bar.  What happened next varies depending on the officer.  One officer states she stated they went to a Motel 6 where someone was staying and had to leave because she had gotten in a fight with several girls at the hotel.  Key - she got in the fight.  They then went to her mothers home, who threw them out.  It was then the accident happened.  The same officer has her admitting turning the steering wheel in a rapid fashion causing her to lose control of the vehicle when she hit the gas instead of the break.

Another officer has her claiming the victim grabbed the steering wheel because he was jealous and that was why they were fighting.  If she admitted they had to leave the Motel 6 because she was fighting with some women, it sounds to me she was the one fighting and the one jealous of something.  When police reports have these type contradictions they become worthless in a criminal trial.

But the undisputed evidence is, she was driving, she was drunk, she drove the vehicle putting this young man in ICU in critical condition.

The victim will never speak with the police.  By assigning Detective Clipper to the case Chief Rodriguez insured no statement will ever be coming from the victim.  Detective Clipper belongs in prison for civil rights violation and will not be allowed to speak with the victim.  The hospital is being informed they are to keep Clipper and any Brownsville police department employee from the victim.  Chief Rodriguez has played his cards, and now the family will play theirs against a Police Chief who refuses to arrest criminals when necessary in order to run cover for the incompetence of his officers.

I would imagine our inept City Commission next move will be to name the police station after Chief Rodriguez.

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