Sunday, July 17, 2016


I am glad we are at the point of the conventions starting.  It puts one more part of this joke behind us.  While it is good for the soul of the nation that there will be protests, let us remember hoping for violence to make the Republicans look bad is not American.  

Let's hope it goes fast and without any major incidents.  The people will protest, which is good.  

After the convention we will see a bump in Trumps numbers.  The poorly educated will claim this as evidence Trump can win.  And there in lies the problem with our nation.  Ignorance.  The bump will fade, and Hillary will have her convention and get a bump.  These bumps are meaningless beyond showing ignorant people are impressed with shiny things.

It will not be until after Labor Day that we will see the first polls which may predict how the election will go. That is when the race will be in full swing. 

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