Wednesday, July 13, 2016


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I keep on reading stories about how I do not understand the term "Black Lifes Matter."  I am not in denial.  I know racism still exists.  I know all forms of discrimination still exist.  I know black on black violence is a crisis the self anointed black leadership refuses to address.  The same leaders who refuse to address black on black violence are the ones demanding we understand "Black Lifes Matter."  They do matter.  But the media uses the issue to sow division and discord instead of trying to understand why we have so many killings whether by the police or black on black.  You solve problems by dealing in facts, not by using sharp headlines to draw in readers.  After the Dallas killings NY Newsday on the front page had an editorial with a black child asking his father if he is next.  I have read Newsday since I was a kid.  I will never read it again.

The fundamental problem is we do not see ourselves as a nation anymore.  We are individual interest groups without any concern for the greater good.

You know what you will not read in the papers or hear on the news.  The Latino Black divide in dangerous.  I remember when the new black panthers showed up at a Dallas ISD meeting with M16's on their shoulders standing along one wall, and the Latinos standing along another wall,  I was at one meeting where the Board President tried to stop a speaker and it turned into one big dangerous mess, The Anglo Board president did not want to hear about the race problems - so the solution was to silence the woman and beat her.

Dallas county Latinos voted out a black DA in favor of an Anglo because they were tired of being treated like dirt.

I can tell you Latino lawyers are reporting the black judges are ignoring the law left and right in favor of black litigants with Latinos having no rights.  They will be voting against these black judges.

I get it - when the Republican Anglo judges controlled the court house blacks were denied justice.  The Freedom Project has had more people in Dallas county released from death row and prison than the rest of Texas and California combined.  Most of the victims of the injustice by the former DA's were black and Latino.

But if the black judges were doing their job they would be strict adherents to the law to set the example of how things should be done, not running roughshod over Latinos and making the divide worse.

I will not deny the injustices the blacks have suffered in this country and continue to suffer, but it is for their leadership to lead us into unity and not even more division.

I tell the lawyers they need to try and meet with the judges and iron things out before the divide gets worse.  I am pushing unity.

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