Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The day started with Citibank calling me to tell me my homeowners and windstorm insurance had lapsed.  I said there was more than enough in the escrow account to cover both.  They claimed my insurance company never provided the name of the new insurer.  After I raised cane the insurance company sent the new insurance information and Citi mortgage paid for the insurance.

Early this morning I had my three new French doors delivered.  The installers arrived, and then the state inspector after they removed one of the three doors.  The state inspector noticed the doors were two inches too short.  The doors could not be certified as windstorm approved. The manufacturer had a million excuses for making the doors the wrong size.  Mind you this is all guided by state engineering reports.  So I had the proof. They admitted they were given the correct size but now are saying there are no doors for the 71 x 80.  Wrong I have the door number approved by the state.  The state inspector agreed the doors received should have been manufactured to 79 1/2 and not 77 3/4.  

So for  two months assuming the company agrees to take back the doors, this is how my family room will look.  Buster is a mess.,  She desperately tried to get through the plywood and would not come in the door right next door to this one in my bedroom.  In a week or less she will get it.

I had a post, but now I am tired.  Tomorrow I I will have a post.

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