Thursday, July 21, 2016


Black man who is the therapist for an autistic child, is shot while his hands are up, then handcuff and left for 20 minutes to bleed.

Look I am not going to judge all police officers by any incident or any number of incidents.  But the police are fueling this anger and the police are the ones who need to step up to the plate and denounce these events and demand the indictment of the police officer who shot this man.  I expect the black community to demand an end to black on black crime, and false claims of racial profiling, while expecting the police to lead the battle cry against the bad officers.


It does not end here.   My head is about to explode in trying to deal with the inept Brownsville police department.  Chief Rodriguez has a job for one reason, every city commissioner, the city manager, and city attorney know he will have their back if they get in trouble.

Imagine you are the family of a young man near death in ICU and no one can tell you why the person who was driving the car which caused the accident has not been arrested.  The victim was a passenger.  The limited information learned by the family is the female intentionally drove the vehicle into a Palm tree.  She has a history of threatening to kill herself.

The father of the victim  was blown off by the inept officer at the front window at the police station three times.  The second time the father got some information after I told him to tell the police officer at the window he was not leaving until he spoke with the police chief.  He got limited information and was told to come back at 9 p.m. when the sergeant over the officer at the scene would be in.

There appear to be a conflict in the story being told as to what happen so all the father wants to do is get to the truth.  The best evidence of the truth is the car.  The jaws of life had to be used to remove the victim.  A picture of the car will tell us if he was the passenger or driver.

The police told the father that even though they called the towing company they had no idea who the towing company was, or where it was towed - well that was after the police gave out the wrong information twice already and sent the father on a wild goose chase.

The father finally learned the named of the towing company.  I met him at the towing company so as to be able to get good pictures of the car.  Guess what ?- the police officer at the window was unwilling to do his job and simply tell the father the car is at the police impound pending a criminal investigation.  Two hours searching for the car, and all along the police had it.

The man who did the towing was there and verified the victim was the passenger.

I have never been to the window at the police station wherein the officer at the window was anything but a complete asshole.  Chief Rodriguez knows this and does not care.  This is who Jessica Tetreau calls the best police chief in Brownsville history - but then she has gotten her favors so we know what that is about.

Chief Rodriguez needs to be fired.  There is going to come a point wherein some nut-job is going to blame innocent and good police officers for the incompetence of Chief Rodriguez and those officers not serving the community.  We need a police chief who understands that when a family has a child in ICU with possible criminal conduct involved, the police need to be there to comfort and provide information and not dismiss the parents and send them in endless circles.

Why is it the supervisor at the towing company was willing to take the time to give the father the complete details, but all the police could do was give the father the run around?  What makes one human and one cruel?

I stand with law enforcement, but not Chief Rodriguez and the bad officers within the Brownsville Police department he seems driven to protect.

It is time the good and honest police officers come forward and demand accountability - they will not - but when a nut job blames all of them for the acts of a few they will then have something to say about those complaining.


BobbyWC said...

Update, I met with the father and the officers this evening who investigated the accident and they were absolutely amazing. I do not understand why all officers cannot take pride in their job. Both officers were Brownsville best.

We were with two people at the window. the female was so kind and helpful. the male was surprised to learn the name Calderon begins with a "C" he made me drag it out of him. There is no reason for such nonsense. I guess three amazing officers out of 4 is good

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

For them to have been so cooperative, they must have been instructed, by the chief, to be extra helpful.