Monday, July 18, 2016


Look I am not interested in biased studies which go both ways.  I do not believe BLM endorses in anyway the violence against law enforcement.  One of my readers suggested maybe we should change the name of the organization to BLM Also.

I am posting three videos coming from a black sheriff, a killed black police officer in Baron Rouge posted before his murder, and the words of a black mother who lost her son to a police officer.  The common theme is the violence must end.  These three would do more for the black community if they were the voice of the black community as opposed to those promoting division.  We must turn to unity while acknowledging we still have a problem with racism.  We should be united in our battle against racism and all forms of bigotry.  We must unite to silence all individuals who promote bigotry of any sort and anyone who joins them in the bigotry.  Also this nonsense coming from so many that racism is not a problem must also be confronted - racism from all corners is real and must be eradicated - but all races must fight against racism with one united voice.

The divisive discourse must end.  I am confused.  Why can  we not just agree to denounce all discrimination and bigotry - period.  Later this week I will have a post on how a desperate individual trying to build a political machine is now backing Jessica Tetreau in her bigotry against the mentally ill.  I warned everyone I would out you, and I will.  What sickens me is the family of this person has called Jessica Tetreau the biggest back stabber in Brownsville and the most ignorant poorly educated elected official in Brownsville.  But now they need to rebuild their political machine and to gain bigot Jessica Tetreau's support they denounce me for protecting the mentally ill, while joining forces with Jessica Tetreau so as to rebuild their political machine.

The BV is the only blog which consistently rejects all comments promoting anti-Mexican American rhetoric.  The BV does not need the bigoted trolls reading the BV.  You bigoted trolls know where your words are welcome.  They are not welcome here at the BV.

This issue matters.  All lives matter.  You cannot and will not be allowed to call yourself an American or Democrat while denouncing anyone protecting mentally ill people, while aligning for personal political gain with a bigot like Jessica Tetreau.  All 8 police officers who have died in Dallas and Baton Rouge are dead because we are too afraid to brand the bigots and shut them down.

The BV has the branding iron ready and will use it.  No sacred cows.

The next video is a reading of Montrell Jackon's.

On the next video the youtube video has been taken down so you must click on the CNN video of the mother of Alton Sterling calling for an end to the killings.  She makes a big issue that the family of the dead officers are now going through the same pain she is suffering from the death of her son.  These are the people the media need to be profiling and not those seeking to divide us.


WHY NOT said...

Sheriff was on the mark.

BobbyWC said...

He is correct about how some of the rhetoric is the source of the problem - but there is no proof BLM is the problem. The mere news reports of a black man being killed by law enforcement is going to anger the handful of blacks who seek to use violence. I blame the news media for their coverage of these issues more so than anyone else.

the day a black man's girl friend videoed her boyfriend dying in the car the press went with it without first checking to see if there was a longer video which was editing out things the girl friend did not want known.

I am not saying she tried to hide anything - I am saying the media should not play these videos until they are verified as unedited and also check to see if the officer was wearing a cam. When you print a half of story people on both sides are going to get mad.

We must end this division. We must acknowledge there is racism and denounce it at every turn. We must denounce all bigotry period.

You know the then Dallas Gay Alliance denounced myself and others when we called for a boycott of the bars until they hired black and brown bar tenders. They were only allowed to work as bar backs. Well we held and took the attacks and black and brown bar tenders were hired. It was not a gay thing it was the white owners not wanting to hire blacks and browns as bar tenders.

I have always stood united with everyone - as a true classically trained socialist I demand equality for everyone regardless of any variable including wealth or lack of weath.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

On point Sheriff! Lemon needs to chill seriously.

Anonymous said...

Drive by a daycare you will see little kids playing with each other, no matter the color of the skin they have. Drive by the neighborhood twenty years later and they are shooting each other, why? Due to the way they have been raised and what they have been taught, by school and parents!