Saturday, July 23, 2016


While in NY I was amazed to meet two people who regularly foster dogs until a home can be found for them.  Buster's time is getting close.  More and more I come home and she is asleep and has no idea I am home.  She is basically doing great, but you can see her age is creeping up on her.  I have thought about what I will do when she passes.  Do I go for two more dogs at the pound such as I have done twice before?  Or move on without dogs in my life.  I am 58, and for sure some time once I am 59, Buster will pass.  At 59 do I really want another 15-20 years of caring for 2 dogs, although it would be bring me great joy.  

I know fostering will be easy for me.  The people I met said it is easy because you do not agree to foster around a time you know you will be on vacation.  Also the organizations in charge of the fostering pay for all of the medical bills.

But I know me, I will fall in love with the two dogs I am fostering and  immediately be unable to give them up - hence I will be the one who does the adopting.

But people think about it - maybe you cannot handle being full time dogs owners but you can handle a few weeks as a foster dog parent.

I will probably try it when the time comes and end up adopting the two dogs I only intended to foster. Once they are in my home I do not think I would be able to give them up.

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