Saturday, July 23, 2016


It started with a brain dead BPD detective thinking he was going to walk into Surgery ICU, and interview a young man in forced sedation due to his intense injuries.  He as a victim in a car wherein the driver of the car is being referred to DA Saenz for Intoxicated Assault.  The mother of this young man was in shock to see the detective standing their demanding to speak with her son who remains in an imposed sedation because of the nature of injuries.  One ongoing injury is bleeding from the brain.  Action is being taken as we speak to obtain a restraining against the BPD from interviewing this young man until he is cleared by his doctor,  

The mother of this child then had to go attend to her grandchildren because again the police refused to arrest the abuser of her daughter claiming they could not arrest him because they are common law marriage.  One, they are not.  They do not even meet one element of what a common law marriage is in Texas.  Every time she tries to kick him out of her apartment violence ensues. He has no job.  She can lose her housing over him being in the home, but the police will not help and twice now have left her to be abused.

Last night the police were called as neighbors saw her fleeing the apartment with her three children to go to her mother's apartment on the other side of the complex.  He chased her down which is when the police were called. She was taken to the hospital and again the officers refused to arrest him.  He is not on the lease and not approved by housing.  She can lose her voucher.  But every time she tried to get him out she gets beaten and the police refuse to act to remove him.

On Monday I will try and find a pro bono organization to get the necessary restraining order to protect her and her children.  The grandmother who was attending to her son in ICU had to take the children until a third party could be found to care for them.

Chief Rodriguez can be assured on Monday the father and mother of this child will file formal criminal charges for civil rights violations against Chief Rodriguez for refusing to enforce domestic abuse laws as an act of discrimination against women.

The officers were so incompetent they told the grandmother that she is interfering with child custody by refusing to turn the children over to the the abusive father.  He does not work and never will.  There is no court order anywhere naming him as the father or giving him rights.  What is clear is, domestic abuse is a problem in Brownsville because the Chief does not care enough to properly educate his officers. 


If  they were common law marriage abuse is not then legalized.

This family is done.

They will be seeking a restraining order against the BPD going near their son to interview him until he is out of ICU and his doctor clears hims as being strong enough.  At this point the driver of the car has been found to have been intoxicated thereby causing the accident which resulted in this young man being in ICU and under forced sedation.  Why was she not arrested at the scene.  The officers told the father they had no right to arrest her without an indictment.  100% bullshit.  Once they determined she was driving the vehicle and was intoxicated they had every right to arrest her.

Further the family will seek out a pro nono domestic abuse organization to help their daughter.  She cannot go home because the police refuse to remove or arrest her abuser from a home he legally has no right to be in.  The police are of the position it is not their problem if she becomes homeless when Housing pulls her voucher.

Why is this police chief protected?  Because the criminals on the city commission are protected by this police chief.

Jessica Tetreau walked after being accused of assaulting her husband who is 30 years her senior.  Her husband's [Art Kalifa] ex wife filed for divorce after learning of the affair with Jessica Tetreau.  A review of court documents shows Jessica was pregnant with her oldest child before Kalif'a divorce was granted.

It was her employee who last time beat this young lady and the police refused to arrest him.  When I asked for Jessica's help in having the sergeant on duty to intervene because there was overwhelming evidence of physical abuse and damage to her home, Jessica texted me back that someone who works with her could not find the number for the police.  Hey BITCH it is called 911.

And you watch this city commission, to insure their own criminal acts are kept covered up will spend as much of your taxpayers money as needed, to keep Chief Rodriguez out of trouble - why?  It is how they stay out of trouble.


Anonymous said...

You complain about the commission having undue influence over the PD and then you complain about a commissioner not using her influence to achieve your aims. I don't think it is the role of a commissioner to intercede in an active incident. They are not law officers nor are they experts on the law. They are not emergency responders. Their job is to provide guidance on how the city should be operated while reflecting the wishes of their constituents. When they identify a problem then they should address it within the normal scope of running the city's business. Now, it is my understanding that you consider yourself to be an elite and I suppose that carries with it some sense of entitlement. I expect you will suggest that I am pro-domestic abuse and a supporter of the commissioner in question. Nether of this is true. Though I live in her precinct and am even slightly acquainted with her, I have not voted for her. Also, I was once in a position to help domestic abusers see the error of their ways via the criminal justice system and the prison system. From time to time, when I thought the system was not working to protect the victim I was able to move it along. Never had the problem you are describing except once, maybe 20 years ago and I will admit, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Also, why do you think the same commissioner or any other isn't entitled to a private Facebook page from which she can exclude whoever she wants? It is not paid for by a public entity and, from what I have seen of it, it is full of non-city related personal stuff. From time to time she may remark on something related to the city to her Facebook friends but so what? If she has a conversation with a friend of neighbor on something related to the city is she obligated document the nature of the conversation and post it somewhere where there is public access? Now, it seems to me that you have a rabid hate for her and it has clouded your vaunted objectiveness. One last thing. You made the aside that she is substantially younger then her husband. He is bigger then she is and he appears to be fit so what is your point? That because of the age difference she had some kind of physical advantage over him? I notice that your peer Montoya doesn't appear to be a friend of hers either. Despite all the valid political criticism opportunities you guys still feel the need to spin information to farther damn her. It doesn't make you look strong. It makes you look sneaky and vindictive, in my opinion.

BobbyWC said...

First of all she is an elected official. She uses her FB page to promote her politics. As someone she is suppose to represent under the Free Speech clause I am allowed to complain that as an elected official she blocks anyone who seeks to tell the truth about her.

You obviously seem to think it is not newsworthy she started a string to remove intellectually disabled people from our community. IN other cities it would have been a front page story - but you seem to think me covering that is vindictive.

If Jessica believes it is not for her to call the sergeant on duty to find out why an officer is refusing to arrest an abuser, then she needs to say so. But my comment comes from her telling people to call her with these problems. She cannot tell people to call her with these problems and then complain when people call her out for protecting her employee who was the abuse.

Now he was fired not because of the abuse but because he told me that fight started over Jessica and her husband punching out the workers when they are not washing cars. Obviously you think this is acceptable. It is not and a federal jury found the business liable for such conduct in the past.

I have devoted an entire page with gets endless hits every day to every possible angle on domestic abuse. It is there on this blog for anyone to see. And big men are abused because they will not fight back out of fear of being charged with domestic abuse when in fact all they were doing is defending themselves.

And you know full well the reference to the 30 year difference has nothing to do with domestic abuse. She intentionally hooked up with a man 30 years her senior, destroyed his family for her own personal gain, and left Art's children without a full time father.

She is not a Catholic or a moral person. She is an elected official and the people have a right to know the truth about who she is.

She is the only one who has intentionally hurt children - namely Art's children from his first marriage by having an affair with him thereby causing the marriage to end and leaving his children without a full time father.

So you keep on defending her. But as a public figure the people have a right to know she has no moral compass.

And for the record why did she lie in her text that she could not find the number for the police? Why not just say as a commissioner this is something she does not get involved in and then the parents could have tried to get the sergeant on duty to address the problem. No she said she would handle it and then lied when in a text she said her assistant could not find the phone number for the police.

More on this Monday - but I am sick and tired of all this political nonsense with political machines and public officials turning a blind eye to these abuses just so they can solicit the assistance of another political machine.

Erin Garcia was warned if she defended Jessica concerning Jessica's attack on the intellectually disabled she would be labeled. Everyone was warned and she chose to join Jessica in her attack against me for trying to protect the mentally ill.

So Jessica ask Erin if she told me she was done with your lies. Ask Erin if Ernie told me you are the dumbest elected official in Brownsville and the biggest back stabber.

But you and Erin are birds of a feather with Cata Presas-Garcia and Sylvia Garza Perez - for access to the political machine of another elected official they will overlook every act of wrong doing by Jessica and Art. What a sad pathetic bunch of women. Apparently domestic abuse is acceptable and ganging up on mentally ill people is okay so long as Jessica throws her political machine their way. It is not.

More on this Monday. It is time the political machine process is outed.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To the person who is defending Jessica wants to thank you for asking about their son and daughter. Although they have tried the doctors cannot bring the son out of the induced sleep, and the daughter cannot return home because the police refuse to arrest the abuser for criminal trespass or domestic abuse.

But the family appreciates your pathetic ass in defending Jessica while having nothing to say about the injured young adults.

The family is now facing the issue of no surgeon wanting to do the urgent surgery. They have not said it, but until DA Saenz indicts this girl the state will not step in and pick up the medical bills. The family will make a strong demand on Saenz Monday to have this girl arrested and to start the paperwork for state assistance so the hospital and doctors know they will be paid.

But know your concern for this young man is greatly appreciated. Typical Jessica Tetreau response - all about her and never the true victims.

Jessica Tetreau is a husband father stealing piece of white trash and she will never rise above that label. And ladies when you find your husbands sleeping with a younger woman remember you have them permission by standing with Jessica for political gain. I guess political gain is more important than your marriage and children.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Wow a city commissioner getting involved, Rene Oliveira wreck Landin city commissioner Brownsville Police telling her to back off, no a city commissioner would never get involved with you the common man woman etc..

Anonymous said...

I would hardly call what I offered a "defense". I just pointed out what I thought were inconsistencies in your statements. Now you are making judgements about me regarding issues I did not bring up. For instance, what makes you think this "You obviously seem to think it is not newsworthy she started a string to remove intellectually disabled people from our community. IN other cities it would have been a front page story - but you seem to think me covering that is vindictive" ? Another of those leaps of imagination you so love to make. Show me the famous documents. I can easily defend every statement you imagine I made but I am bored with it and you and don't see it as worth the trouble and it would never see the light of day, anyway. I don't mind when you do what you do because anyone reading my post and your response will easily recognize the rational writing and the irrational response You are the worst kind of bully--happy to dish it out but you can not take it. You and your guy Trump are cut from the same cloth.

BobbyWC said...

The problem with your argument is you are equating me asking a commissioner to help someone with a commissioner abusing her office for her personal benefit