Monday, July 11, 2016


When word of the indictment leaked, I remained silent because experience teaches me that the indictment remained unfiled because there was a problem.  Having actual knowledge of the legal system helps in reporting on a story.   I have remained silent because I did not want to interfere with what I knew had to be an investigation into the evidence presented to the grand jury. 

I have no sourcing on this - I am simply extrapolating from how I know the process works.  For the DA to dismiss the charges after indictment means he came into new evidence.  Based on extrapolating this means BISD had exculpatory evidence which was not provided to the DA. 

DA Saenz did not dismiss the charges based on a mistake by his office.   It was dismissed because the DA's office was denied essential evidence.  As this evolves the BISD election could get interesting.  I would not want to be openly backing anyone supported by the BISD administration because if the evidence shows BISD withheld exculpatory evidence the BISD administration could find individuals being indicted and sued.

But until an investigation is completed including the source of the original leak, for now everything is speculation and based on extrapolation.  But I know for sure the problem is with the BISD administration and someone at BISD is going to be held accountable.  They are the ones who had the evidence so the problem has to be with the BISD.

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