Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hillary Clinton should have stepped up to the plate and demanded her resignation.  Hillary Clinton lost that chance.  Every person at the convention who opposes antisemitism should boo Hillary Clinton when she takes the stage.  This is unacceptable.

I told readers to expect the same circus from the Democrats.  This convention is now tainted and nothing can fix it.  Hillary needed to show leadership and instead she showed the world even with something as horrific as antisemitism, politics still comes first.

The super delegates should switch to Bernie Sanders before it is too late.  The only good news is Donald Trump in the battle ground states did not get a bump outside the margin of error.  But to be fair I expect the same or worse result for Hillary.


Wasserman and Hillary go for suicide approach and decide Wasserman will not resign until after convention and will still take the stage to open and close convention.  Hillary through her lack of leadership and cluelessness is doing this to herself.  Unbelievable

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Anonymous said...

Piss me the fuck off! I'm a Yellow Dog Democrat going all the way back to LBJ. The Bern should grow a pair, walk out of Hillary's scripted and choreographed convention, go down to Florida and campaign for Tim Canova (Debbie Wasshername's Dem. opponent for Congress) and leave Hillary to fight the caveman all by herself. Me - tough choice for whom to vote - Gary Johnson or Jill Stein?!