Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Morgan Graham, Chair of the Republican Party of Cameron County calls her followers morons and humanity too stupid to see through her deception.

2016: yet another year when manufactured conflicts became the tools of choice for some, and effectively mislead too many.
This happens not only nationally but perhaps even in your own hometown. Being divisive is not the newest power play technique - it's historically been quite effective.
It's awareness of this that should make one take pause and say "who benefits from this anger and vengeful heart that I'm being told to carry?"
It says a great deal."

These are the words from a Republican, a Party which for at least 36 years has used our differences to rally its base, and a Donald Trump supporter who has made the mantra of his campaign division and vulgarities.  Who does Morgan think she is kidding other than lemministic followers incapable of a independent thinking.

Be patient this is about more than the Republicans.  Again on another blog we are watching the local Republicans eating each other alive.  Morgan is an innocent angel and is to be revered.  The local and national Republican Party are reaping the division it has sown for 36 years.

This division we are seeing is not new.  It was invited anew into American politics by Ronald Reagan when he went to the religious right for support to win the White House while promising them a voice  - a voice which invited division.  To win the White House Ronald Reagan lobbied for the support of every group in the country promoting division.  Yes, this is the Party of Reagan and it sickens me.

Reporting on corruption and deal making in politics is not promoting division - it is reporting.

My brother and sister live in a community where many of the homes go for a half million dollars.  A home in need of  remodeling goes for a good $300,00.    Down the block from them is a home worth nearly a million dollars.  It is run by guardians and houses mentally ill citizens.  I asked them what they thought of the house and they said without hesitation, they are happy to have the home in their neighborhood.

Our city commissioner Jessica Tetreau Kalifa on a platform known as NextDoor demanded a home lived in by mentally ill people shut down.  Jessica is not a Catholic or a US American,  She is part of the division which is killing our society.  I am working on the issue to have the city held accountable for working with her to violate the civil rights of these people.  And yes people we can expect her regular cowardly post that my words are an attack on her children - she is a pathological liar and self absorbed beyond comprehension.  She posted the address of this home, and then claimed I was endangering her by calling her out even though I have not so much as published the name of her street.

Any politician seen with Jessica will be deemed as supporting her ignorance, hatred and division.  No sacred cows.  The division must end.  Only we the people can end it by isolating those who promote it. If you use their car wash you are helping to finance the division she supports.  

I have her post and the string of hatred she promoted against these mentally ill people even after she was told the police said there was nothing illegal.  I am not sure I want people to see the names of my neighbors who joined in the fray.  This is the only reason I have not yet posted it,  But I know for a fact many people in our community want her gone.  If she runs for reelection in 2 1/2 years she is in for a shocker if she tries to block walk in our community.  We are a united community and Jessica and her kind of bigots are not welcome. 


Jessica and no one else started the attack on the mentally ill residences legally in a home across from the resaca she is on - no one else started this string of hatred and endangerment of these people.  To the adults, it is not for you to discuss this matter with your children because they will take it to the school and street and Jessica's children will suffer.  This is not for your children.  The sins of the father do not fall on the children.

From Jessica claiming hatred is the new stupid when it is her spreading the hatred towards the mentally ill.

Hatred is the new stupid."  Yes Jessica it is and you are the one spreading it.

Pay attention Jessica, I do not need access to your FB page, your self serving posts are copied and sent to me every day.  

The division must end, and if you are not willing to call out those encouraging division and discrimination then you are as guilty as them.  I see you with Jessica and your picture as a politico will be posted with the caption.  Your name, "I stand with Jessica and her bigotry towards the mentally ill." 

Again Cata Presas-Garcia - it was Jessica standing behind you at the airport.  Who else could have posted your meltdown to the blogs so fast?  She told me how she bad mouthed you to her son after he asked what your problem was.  How do you think I got the tape so fast?  It was Jessica who confirmed the story and told me about the video. But keep on being friends with her and you will see how much easier it is to take you down come November.  There is no politico or friend Jessica will not betray to get what she wants.

The division must end and we as a people must vote out of office any politico who promotes bigotry and division - so simple.  No sacred cows - we must end the division based on our differences.  We are Gods children and have a duty to protect one another from those who seek to promote bigotry.

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