Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I am buried in work.  This morning I may obtain documented verification concerning an important story.  But it is any one's guess.  This town is sick. Right now it is killing me to remain silent on two stories,  My patience is running thin.  This happens all of the time.  The story is real, but the victim is bought off by the involved political entity so you cannot go with the story so the corruption is kept secret.  Those whose silence can be bought are worse than the the public officials engaged in corruption or official oppression.  

So I have more work than I can handle.  I have spent days at VB helping this family with their son in intensive care.  They still cannot wake him.   Two people cannot handle the 24/7 need for someone in the room.  The nursing care is horrible.  The family and I are having to direct some of the nurses in proper care.  Had the father not been there to restrain his son from pulling the breathing tube out, we would have had a mess.  The nurses failed to put the mitts back on his hands after a procedure.

Yesterday the nurse assigned to the patient was shocked the doctor expected her to know something about her patient.  The father and I had to explain everything to the doctor so he could make the proper decisions.  The nurse claimed complete ignorance.  

No one bothered to inform the doctor edema had set it.  This is dangerous, but checking their patients is beyond their job description. 

The situation with the police so bad that the report says intoxication assault, but when you ask why she has not been arrested they tell you it is because they have no evidence to support the charge. Then why is the charge on the report?  I have located the documented the evidence.  If the police will not seek a court order to get the evidence the family will try and then give it to the police.

So I am buried.  When time permits I will get back to blogging.

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