Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I seem to making headway so I want to continue this discussion  Everything above is true.  It is also true about other groups.  In the Republican Platform is a commitment to allow states to allow parents to force their children into mental health facilities to cure homosexuality.  Yes, bigotry is real.

I stand for WE as a people fighting all bigotry and racial discrimination, while acknowledging there is a special case to be made for extra attention on Black Americans.  

The Republicans have in their platform a promise to reverse gay marriage, and end gay adoption.  This is what Cameron County Republican Party Chair Morgan Graham calls not divisive.  How she posts her lies and looks at herself in the mirror is beyond me.

A leader in the BLM yesterday went public stating BLM opposes violence of all sorts, and the violence against the officers goes against the BLM movement.  Yes I know some people at the rallies are sending a different message.  But I am proud of this leader because he stood up and took a stand against violence against our officers.  This is the type leadership from the Black community which will move us in the right direction.  BUT WE as a nation need to reward this type leader so they become the face of the Black community and demand for meaningful change.


We cannot put our head in the sand and pretend there are no bad police officers.  But let's be real there are racist in every profession.  And no matter how hard we try we all have some bigotry in us. With the exception of my eye surgeon every experience I have had with an Indian doctor or nurse has been real bad.  Does that make me a racist - no.  I never refuse care.  I keep quiet about my experience, and leave frustrated.  My experience is they seem to have a superiority complex.  

Yesterday I was dealing with a new doctor doing his rotations.  The specialist called the shots, not the doctor doing his rotation.  He asked about Agent Orange when I was relating how my brother in law's doctors missed his brain tumor for maybe as much as a year.  The doctor on rotation was not happy to have a non-doctor explain anything to him.  His response was he was not from the U.S., so he knew nothing about Agent Orange.  I dismissed him and focused on the specialist.  Was my reaction to his attitude mean I am a racist, or that I do not take to doctors who think they have nothing to learn from the patient?  He will fail as a doctor.  He will probably get sued a lot, and call it discrimination not malpractice.

All I know for sure is until WE as a nation stand as one denouncing all racism period, with a recognition that Black Americans have suffered the longest and continue to suffer nothing will change.  Also if WE as Americans are unwilling to check our own emotions when we perceive someone of another race in a negative light, we will never end racism.  Do I believe all Indian doctors are arrogant?  Nope - my Indian eye surgeon is one of the most humble doctors I have ever met.  But I still must ask myself why I have so many problems with Indian doctors and nurses.  If I am unwilling to pose this question to myself and always be on guard against this perception, I am going to end up wrongfully disliking a doctor who may very well save my life.

We cannot allow bad experiences with any group of people or profession to define how we see an entire race of people or profession.  WE must learn to see the problem in the context of individuals and not by race or profession.

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