Sunday, July 17, 2016


I've been so busy I failed to note something on my calendar.  At the end of June I hit a milestone which is both great and sad.  I am 58 and 4 months, and am now officially older than both of my parents when they passed.  Of the seven one more brother to meet that milestone.  It may seem like an odd thing to note, but it is a time thing.  My maternal grandmother's siblings were all in their late 90's early 100's when they passed.  They were born in Nicaragua in the 1800's without electricity or modern plumbing.  They saw it all come into being.  What are we doing different that we are dying younger than our grandparents? My brother in law made it to 94, and the clan currently has 3 grandmothers who are 94 and doing well.  In fact one just buried her 67 year old son.  Another buried a daughter several years back.

Just something to ponder,


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC, I have friends who tell me that they come from a family tree where their life span is around the age of 90 to 100 yet many of the younger generations are dying younger. I always say that yes, its in the genes but in today's polluted world don't just rely on genes, also on issues such as a better way of life. Most people (especially here in the Valley) eat very little fruits and vegetables (how ironic that we live in an agriculture rich area and don't take advantage of it); very few people walk to the Stripes even if it is within walking distance, but they do eat their taco and coffee or sweet bread. Many of our elders ate chickens from the farm, eggs from hens that they raised since chicks. We buy a chicken from HEB and it has been injected with growing hormones (eggs the same way).
Many of our locals drink alcohol and smoke, tie that to poor eating habits and lack of exercise and the long life gene goes out the window.

BobbyWC said...

All of these people I know dying of at a young age live outside the RGV. Long Island for reasons no one knows is a hotbed of cancer. But it is true the diet here seems to lack vegetables. I see some fruit but not much.

I buy fresh vegetables every day for dinner. I eat fruit, but I need to be careful with the sugar levels in many fruits. mangos are the worst for sugar.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Something terrible is happening. More cancer and lots of Autism. Has to be linked to something we are consuming. I just want to know why. What's really happening?