Sunday, July 31, 2016


Nothing has changed in 50 years.  I say let granny solve the problem.


With unity we win, with division they win.  The Muslim community where the jihadist killed a Catholic priest has refused him a Muslim burial as a sign it would be a disgrace to Islam.  Instead throughout France Muslims are attending Sunday mass in Catholic churches in solidarity with Catholics and against those in the name of Islam who killed the priest.

Unity can change things for the better - but I know people and division is so much easier than embracing one another. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Last night my roommate hugged me and thanked me for everything I am doing for his son. I did not get mad, I said thanks. But then I explained being human and helping one another should never be special or merit a thank you.

His son is in ICU after a DWI accident. He is the victim. The driver was charged with intoxication assault which is a felony, but not arrested. It has been a nightmare.

In the US a hospital independent of insurance has to take you in case of an emergency. It was bad, bleeding in the brain, punctured lung, and his pelvic area as a lot of major breaks.

But the hospital 50 miles away where they have to do the surgery does not have to take him. In Texas we have crime victims insurance which comes from fines paid by criminals. The police refused to help. The will not arrest the driver. Their officers messed up and now the chief is running cover for them.

It took some threats and public outcries of corruption and the police finally released the report showing intoxication assault. We are hopeful the Texas AG will approve to pay for the surgery by Monday of Tuesday. The application is now pending.

The police and DA's office both refused to help. This is their job. But once they screwed up they went on the defensive. Anyway it has been a long week. The parents are taking 12 hour shifts at the ICU. Their son just woke up but because of the pain killers is not very coherent.

The surgery cannot wait. The bones are getting ready to heal themselves which will make him a cripple. So it was a lot of work to get things going. My point is helping one another is nothing more than being human, so why do we have to make it out as something special? We must start thinking of helping one another as normal and nothing more than being human.


Every year my sister and her late husband would take their daughters, son in laws and grand children on vacation.  They missed the skying trip because Kenny was too sick.  So they are now in the mountains of Pennsylvania having a blast.  Kenny made it clear to not cancel the vacation no matter what happened.  So she is grieving while moving forward.  She loves her family.  Her brother in law who owns a vacation home in the mountains of Penn took his clan along, so it is a huge group,  This is one of her granddaughters getting ready to zip line.

Friday, July 29, 2016


This is simple, Chief Rodriguez is refusing to execute on an arrest warrant against a former Tetreau employee.  The warrant in part involves a business vehicle owned by Jessica and her husband. The person is a former employee not because of his alleged criminal wrongdoing, but because he went public with the fact Jessica and Art continued the policy of checking employees out when they were not washing cars.

It may not seem important, but the police have a complaint and video of a domestic abuse victim, concerning this same former employee of the  Kalifa/Tetreau.  When the officer at the scene refused to arrest this man for abuse, Jessica agreed to have the sergeant on duty to inform the officer at the scene the victim does not have to agree to prosecute in order to arrest the abuser.  The officer refused to so much as to go into the home to see the damage done to the home during the altercation. No pictures were taken and no evidence preserved.  The officer admitted he saw the bump on her heard.  He saw no reason to take any pictures of anything

The Lieutenant assigned to work with this family has claimed that he sees no wrongdoing in how the officer handled the matter.  I showed him the text from Jessica that she could not find the number for the police department so she never made the call

This victim the other night called the police demanding the abuser be removed from her home.  They refused.  She was claiming he was pawning her possessions.  The police refused to help. They are not married.  He is not on the lease, and she can lose her housing voucher because he is in the home.  Every time she demands he leaves her home a fight breaks out.  Her children are traumatized.  The eldest lives with the grandmother because she fears this man.  I have personally seen the 2 year old have a melt down over being told he has to go to his father, the abuser, while crying out for his grandfather.

The victim has abandoned her home to protect herself and her children.  The detective in charge of the abuse case who refuses to have an arrest warrant issued for the domestic abuse which has been verified in a video taped complaint actually said when housing pulls her voucher because the abuser will not leave her home, they will help her find a homeless shelter.

This is so simple execute on the traffic warrant and remove him from the home and then issue the criminal trespass warning the victim has invoked.

A formal complaint lodged with Charlie Cabler was ignored.


The abuser and former Jessica employee was driving a company vehicle which had an expired registration.  Jessica and her husband endangers all of Brownsville by allowing someone without a license to do company business in a company vehicle.  Yes the no license is his problem, but the failure to maintain a proper registration on a company truck falls on Jessica and her grandfather husband Art Kalifa.

The police are refusing to use the arrest warrant which is active to remove this man from the abused woman's home.  She is now homeless living with family members.  If she does not pay her part of the rent for a home she cannot even live in Housing will pull the voucher and the landlord will evict her for non-payment all the while the abuser remains free to live in her home causing all of these problems.


The son remains in Surgery ICU.  It took a lot of pressure and threats to get the police report released.  It was needed for the surgery to be paid for by the state.  It clearly says Gabriela Salazar charged with Intoxication Assault.  She basically made a fast U-Turn on Price running the passenger side of the vehicle into a palm tree.  The police refuse to arrest her despite the charge.  They blame the policies of DA Saenz.  Bullshit Chief Rodriguez - the decision to arrest is yours, not DA Saenz.  Stop making excuses for the incompetence of your officers and do your job.

Detective Clipper has been assigned to the case.  This family has a history with Detective Clipper. He showed up at Palm Resaca and told a relative of this family that if he did not immediately pay alleged civil damages to Palm Resaca he would be arrested.  Chief Rodriguez refused to take any action and ran cover for Detective Clipper.

It turned out the resident who was threatened with arrest by Detective Clipper had cancer and that was the source of the problem.  The resident paid the alleged civil damages to avoid being arrested by Detective Clipper.

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Detective Clipper showed up in Surgery ICU and without getting clearance from any medical personnel demanded to interview the victim who was in a forced sedation.  It will be months before his brain will not be influenced by the heavy painkillers.  The family is waiting on an approved transfer to Doctors Renaissance where the surgeon has privileges for the type surgery needed.   The pelvic area has major bone breaks in many areas.  He is flying high on pain killers.


I have read three and there are three stories.  As to what Garbiela Salazar is claiming the police through their incompetence have made any statements worthless. Valley Baptist upon court order is ready to turn over the blood and urine tests which prove the intoxication, but the police have no interest in arresting the woman.  They claim they must wait 2 months for official results from the state.  Pure bullshit and lies.  People are arrested every day based on what the officer saw at the scene, and hospital lab work.

The police report clearly states, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and the smell of alcohol before she was administered any drugs for her pain.  This is more than enough for an arrest.

The evidence of who was driving is not in dispute.  She has admitted she was driving.  The victim was removed from the passenger side with the jaws of life.  According to Chief Rodriguez this is only enough to charge her but not arrest her.

The family may need a pro bono criminal defense lawyer to represent their son.  The best I can determine is the police want to shift the blame to the victim.  The police reports agree they were at a bar.  What happened next varies depending on the officer.  One officer states she stated they went to a Motel 6 where someone was staying and had to leave because she had gotten in a fight with several girls at the hotel.  Key - she got in the fight.  They then went to her mothers home, who threw them out.  It was then the accident happened.  The same officer has her admitting turning the steering wheel in a rapid fashion causing her to lose control of the vehicle when she hit the gas instead of the break.

Another officer has her claiming the victim grabbed the steering wheel because he was jealous and that was why they were fighting.  If she admitted they had to leave the Motel 6 because she was fighting with some women, it sounds to me she was the one fighting and the one jealous of something.  When police reports have these type contradictions they become worthless in a criminal trial.

But the undisputed evidence is, she was driving, she was drunk, she drove the vehicle putting this young man in ICU in critical condition.

The victim will never speak with the police.  By assigning Detective Clipper to the case Chief Rodriguez insured no statement will ever be coming from the victim.  Detective Clipper belongs in prison for civil rights violation and will not be allowed to speak with the victim.  The hospital is being informed they are to keep Clipper and any Brownsville police department employee from the victim.  Chief Rodriguez has played his cards, and now the family will play theirs against a Police Chief who refuses to arrest criminals when necessary in order to run cover for the incompetence of his officers.

I would imagine our inept City Commission next move will be to name the police station after Chief Rodriguez.


"Indonesia executed four convicted drug offenders by firing squad early Friday, the country's deputy attorney general said." ... "Two Nigerians, one Senegalese and one Indonesian man were executed, the attorney general's office confirmed. Petitions to review their cases had been denied."
No one is more opposed to the death penalty than me.  It demeans civilized society.  It also leads to innocent people being executed.
No one is ever going to get me to support the death penalty under any circumstance.  But this reality does not mean, it never serves a purpose.
Mexico has no death penalty, but thousands of innocent people are dying every year in Mexico because the drug cartels know escape from a prison is no challenge and the death penalty is something they do not have to fear.
How many innocent people must die because of drug cartels, before these people protesting the executions in Indonesia will say the Lives Of Innocent Victims Matter
What angers me is Amnesty International cares more about foreigners bringing drugs into Indonesia than the innocent people dying every day because of the drug cartels, and smugglers.  I do not support what Indonesia has done in executing these 4, but I am not going to denounce them for addressing a problem they consider a threat to the safety and welfare to their people. 
While at an intellectual level I may oppose the death penalty, I will never tell another country how to deal with threats to their people.  
I do not understand why the death penalty is okay for murder, but not being an accessory to murder as a drug mule, or cartel member.  Why is being an accessory to murder through a weapon a basis for the death penalty, but being accessory to murder through drugs is not?  It is distinction without a rational explanation. 


There was a time Alligator Gar was common in northern states, but were made extinct because they were a danger to sports fish.


I do not envision the BV covering individual campaigns.  This could change.  Here is the fundamental problem, the BV favors removal of all incumbents.  So the question is, if Mike Hernandez were to fund a candidate against each incumbent, am I to vote against them in favor of the incumbent because they are backed by Mike Hernandez?

In at least one election I have confirmed an intended spoiler has been recruited by the incumbent.  It's not complex.  BISD elections are won on a plurality, not a majority.  A three way race will always split the anti-incumbent vote thereby for plurality purposes favoring the incumbent.

It sickens me as I watch the same old losers trying to parley the favor of Mike Hernandez because they know they need his money to have any chance of a successful campaign.

No matter how you look at it, either an incumbent or Mike Hernandez puppet will win.  In some cases the incumbent will be a Mike Hernandez puppet which will insure their victory.

So no matter how you look at it the children are screwed.

Guys if you believe for one second anything will change at BISD or the COB and now the County Commission, you are delusional.

The DA and BISD have negotiated a deal of silence on how Sylvia Atkinson got indicted and the indictment was leaked.  There is nothing money will not buy.  No one will be held accountable.

I had an interest in BISD, but now that I see no path to victory for the children my interest is gone.

There are so many stories right now, but every entity is making it clear that they will target those who speak.  I have never seen so many scared sources.

Even victims are afraid to speak out of fear of retaliation.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I am buried in work.  This morning I may obtain documented verification concerning an important story.  But it is any one's guess.  This town is sick. Right now it is killing me to remain silent on two stories,  My patience is running thin.  This happens all of the time.  The story is real, but the victim is bought off by the involved political entity so you cannot go with the story so the corruption is kept secret.  Those whose silence can be bought are worse than the the public officials engaged in corruption or official oppression.  

So I have more work than I can handle.  I have spent days at VB helping this family with their son in intensive care.  They still cannot wake him.   Two people cannot handle the 24/7 need for someone in the room.  The nursing care is horrible.  The family and I are having to direct some of the nurses in proper care.  Had the father not been there to restrain his son from pulling the breathing tube out, we would have had a mess.  The nurses failed to put the mitts back on his hands after a procedure.

Yesterday the nurse assigned to the patient was shocked the doctor expected her to know something about her patient.  The father and I had to explain everything to the doctor so he could make the proper decisions.  The nurse claimed complete ignorance.  

No one bothered to inform the doctor edema had set it.  This is dangerous, but checking their patients is beyond their job description. 

The situation with the police so bad that the report says intoxication assault, but when you ask why she has not been arrested they tell you it is because they have no evidence to support the charge. Then why is the charge on the report?  I have located the documented the evidence.  If the police will not seek a court order to get the evidence the family will try and then give it to the police.

So I am buried.  When time permits I will get back to blogging.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hillary Clinton should have stepped up to the plate and demanded her resignation.  Hillary Clinton lost that chance.  Every person at the convention who opposes antisemitism should boo Hillary Clinton when she takes the stage.  This is unacceptable.

I told readers to expect the same circus from the Democrats.  This convention is now tainted and nothing can fix it.  Hillary needed to show leadership and instead she showed the world even with something as horrific as antisemitism, politics still comes first.

The super delegates should switch to Bernie Sanders before it is too late.  The only good news is Donald Trump in the battle ground states did not get a bump outside the margin of error.  But to be fair I expect the same or worse result for Hillary.


Wasserman and Hillary go for suicide approach and decide Wasserman will not resign until after convention and will still take the stage to open and close convention.  Hillary through her lack of leadership and cluelessness is doing this to herself.  Unbelievable

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His national polling has to go up just a bit more to make the national debates.  This is a confrontation which needs to play out on national TV.

In Texas as of this time Hillary Clinton has zero chance of winning Texas.  Donald Trump will get all 38 electoral votes.  Do not waste your vote.  Send a message to the Democrats we want change and vote for Gary Johnson.  This is not about whether he is the best candidate, it is about we as Democrats demanding change.


The Republican Party needs to keep the heat on Hillary Clinton for her failed leadership in demanding the firing of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  The RNC needs to keep the country focused on Hillary Clinton's failure to demand Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation. 
Yet another email scandal has the Chief Financial Officer of the DNC sending out the following email.
Bernie Sanders has denied being an atheist.  He has never hid the fact his background is that of a Jew.
From CNN:
"On May 5, a DNC employee asked colleagues to "get someone to ask his belief" in God and suggested that it could make a difference in Kentucky and West Virginia. Sanders' name is not mentioned in the note.
"This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist," DNC chief financial officer Brad Marshall wrote."
If this were coming from the Republicans the Democrats would be all over the news denouncing the Republicans.  This is nothing short of a Donald Trumpism and Hillary Clinton refuses to demand accountability for the antisemitism.
Hillary Clinton has proven she is just another Donald Trump desperate for power with no guiding light based on a moral compass.

RNC CHAIR MAKES CLEAR REPUBLICANS WILL NEVER BACK WHITE SUPREMECISTS DAVID DUKE, WHILE HILLARY CLINTON REFUSES TO DEMAND REMOVAL OF DNC CHAIR WASSERMAN OVER ANTISEMITISM EMAILS The Republicans need to keep this contrast going during the entire Democratic Party convention. The game plan is to still allow Wasserman to open the convention. Shame on the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. Any Democrat who does not boo Wasserman off of the stage is no Democrat in my world.


His national polling has to go up just a bit more to make the national debates.  This is a confrontation which needs to play out on national TV.

In Texas as of this time Hillary Clinton has zero chance of winning Texas.  Donald Trump will get all 38 electoral votes.  Do not waste your vote.  Send a message to the Democrats we want change and vote for Gary Johnson.  This is not about whether he is the best candidate, it is about we as Democrats demanding change.


The Republican Party needs to keep the heat on Hillary Clinton for her failed leadership in demanding the firing of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  The RNC needs to keep the country focused on Hillary Clinton's failure to demand Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation. 
Yet another email scandal has the Chief Financial Officer of the DNC sending out the following email.
Bernie Sanders has denied being an atheist.  He has never hid the fact his background is that of a Jew.
From CNN:
"On May 5, a DNC employee asked colleagues to "get someone to ask his belief" in God and suggested that it could make a difference in Kentucky and West Virginia. Sanders' name is not mentioned in the note.
"This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist," DNC chief financial officer Brad Marshall wrote."
If this were coming from the Republicans the Democrats would be all over the news denouncing the Republicans.  This is nothing short of a Donald Trumpism and Hillary Clinton refuses to demand accountability for the antisemitism.
Hillary Clinton has proven she is just another Donald Trump desperate for power with no guiding light based on a moral compass.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


If I could every day I would post a video like this.  We need to turn the tide on how people feel about police.  This is why I am so hard on the bad and incompetent police.  Only we working in unity can change the bad from the good.  Remember the officers in this video are your typical police officers. The sour apples are not the average police officer.  I cannot talk about the bad police officers, without telling the truth about the super majority of the good police officers.


While in NY I was amazed to meet two people who regularly foster dogs until a home can be found for them.  Buster's time is getting close.  More and more I come home and she is asleep and has no idea I am home.  She is basically doing great, but you can see her age is creeping up on her.  I have thought about what I will do when she passes.  Do I go for two more dogs at the pound such as I have done twice before?  Or move on without dogs in my life.  I am 58, and for sure some time once I am 59, Buster will pass.  At 59 do I really want another 15-20 years of caring for 2 dogs, although it would be bring me great joy.  

I know fostering will be easy for me.  The people I met said it is easy because you do not agree to foster around a time you know you will be on vacation.  Also the organizations in charge of the fostering pay for all of the medical bills.

But I know me, I will fall in love with the two dogs I am fostering and  immediately be unable to give them up - hence I will be the one who does the adopting.

But people think about it - maybe you cannot handle being full time dogs owners but you can handle a few weeks as a foster dog parent.

I will probably try it when the time comes and end up adopting the two dogs I only intended to foster. Once they are in my home I do not think I would be able to give them up.


It started with a brain dead BPD detective thinking he was going to walk into Surgery ICU, and interview a young man in forced sedation due to his intense injuries.  He as a victim in a car wherein the driver of the car is being referred to DA Saenz for Intoxicated Assault.  The mother of this young man was in shock to see the detective standing their demanding to speak with her son who remains in an imposed sedation because of the nature of injuries.  One ongoing injury is bleeding from the brain.  Action is being taken as we speak to obtain a restraining against the BPD from interviewing this young man until he is cleared by his doctor,  

The mother of this child then had to go attend to her grandchildren because again the police refused to arrest the abuser of her daughter claiming they could not arrest him because they are common law marriage.  One, they are not.  They do not even meet one element of what a common law marriage is in Texas.  Every time she tries to kick him out of her apartment violence ensues. He has no job.  She can lose her housing over him being in the home, but the police will not help and twice now have left her to be abused.

Last night the police were called as neighbors saw her fleeing the apartment with her three children to go to her mother's apartment on the other side of the complex.  He chased her down which is when the police were called. She was taken to the hospital and again the officers refused to arrest him.  He is not on the lease and not approved by housing.  She can lose her voucher.  But every time she tried to get him out she gets beaten and the police refuse to act to remove him.

On Monday I will try and find a pro bono organization to get the necessary restraining order to protect her and her children.  The grandmother who was attending to her son in ICU had to take the children until a third party could be found to care for them.

Chief Rodriguez can be assured on Monday the father and mother of this child will file formal criminal charges for civil rights violations against Chief Rodriguez for refusing to enforce domestic abuse laws as an act of discrimination against women.

The officers were so incompetent they told the grandmother that she is interfering with child custody by refusing to turn the children over to the the abusive father.  He does not work and never will.  There is no court order anywhere naming him as the father or giving him rights.  What is clear is, domestic abuse is a problem in Brownsville because the Chief does not care enough to properly educate his officers. 


If  they were common law marriage abuse is not then legalized.

This family is done.

They will be seeking a restraining order against the BPD going near their son to interview him until he is out of ICU and his doctor clears hims as being strong enough.  At this point the driver of the car has been found to have been intoxicated thereby causing the accident which resulted in this young man being in ICU and under forced sedation.  Why was she not arrested at the scene.  The officers told the father they had no right to arrest her without an indictment.  100% bullshit.  Once they determined she was driving the vehicle and was intoxicated they had every right to arrest her.

Further the family will seek out a pro nono domestic abuse organization to help their daughter.  She cannot go home because the police refuse to remove or arrest her abuser from a home he legally has no right to be in.  The police are of the position it is not their problem if she becomes homeless when Housing pulls her voucher.

Why is this police chief protected?  Because the criminals on the city commission are protected by this police chief.

Jessica Tetreau walked after being accused of assaulting her husband who is 30 years her senior.  Her husband's [Art Kalifa] ex wife filed for divorce after learning of the affair with Jessica Tetreau.  A review of court documents shows Jessica was pregnant with her oldest child before Kalif'a divorce was granted.

It was her employee who last time beat this young lady and the police refused to arrest him.  When I asked for Jessica's help in having the sergeant on duty to intervene because there was overwhelming evidence of physical abuse and damage to her home, Jessica texted me back that someone who works with her could not find the number for the police.  Hey BITCH it is called 911.

And you watch this city commission, to insure their own criminal acts are kept covered up will spend as much of your taxpayers money as needed, to keep Chief Rodriguez out of trouble - why?  It is how they stay out of trouble.

Thursday, July 21, 2016



Black man who is the therapist for an autistic child, is shot while his hands are up, then handcuff and left for 20 minutes to bleed.

Look I am not going to judge all police officers by any incident or any number of incidents.  But the police are fueling this anger and the police are the ones who need to step up to the plate and denounce these events and demand the indictment of the police officer who shot this man.  I expect the black community to demand an end to black on black crime, and false claims of racial profiling, while expecting the police to lead the battle cry against the bad officers.


It does not end here.   My head is about to explode in trying to deal with the inept Brownsville police department.  Chief Rodriguez has a job for one reason, every city commissioner, the city manager, and city attorney know he will have their back if they get in trouble.

Imagine you are the family of a young man near death in ICU and no one can tell you why the person who was driving the car which caused the accident has not been arrested.  The victim was a passenger.  The limited information learned by the family is the female intentionally drove the vehicle into a Palm tree.  She has a history of threatening to kill herself.

The father of the victim  was blown off by the inept officer at the front window at the police station three times.  The second time the father got some information after I told him to tell the police officer at the window he was not leaving until he spoke with the police chief.  He got limited information and was told to come back at 9 p.m. when the sergeant over the officer at the scene would be in.

There appear to be a conflict in the story being told as to what happen so all the father wants to do is get to the truth.  The best evidence of the truth is the car.  The jaws of life had to be used to remove the victim.  A picture of the car will tell us if he was the passenger or driver.

The police told the father that even though they called the towing company they had no idea who the towing company was, or where it was towed - well that was after the police gave out the wrong information twice already and sent the father on a wild goose chase.

The father finally learned the named of the towing company.  I met him at the towing company so as to be able to get good pictures of the car.  Guess what ?- the police officer at the window was unwilling to do his job and simply tell the father the car is at the police impound pending a criminal investigation.  Two hours searching for the car, and all along the police had it.

The man who did the towing was there and verified the victim was the passenger.

I have never been to the window at the police station wherein the officer at the window was anything but a complete asshole.  Chief Rodriguez knows this and does not care.  This is who Jessica Tetreau calls the best police chief in Brownsville history - but then she has gotten her favors so we know what that is about.

Chief Rodriguez needs to be fired.  There is going to come a point wherein some nut-job is going to blame innocent and good police officers for the incompetence of Chief Rodriguez and those officers not serving the community.  We need a police chief who understands that when a family has a child in ICU with possible criminal conduct involved, the police need to be there to comfort and provide information and not dismiss the parents and send them in endless circles.

Why is it the supervisor at the towing company was willing to take the time to give the father the complete details, but all the police could do was give the father the run around?  What makes one human and one cruel?

I stand with law enforcement, but not Chief Rodriguez and the bad officers within the Brownsville Police department he seems driven to protect.

It is time the good and honest police officers come forward and demand accountability - they will not - but when a nut job blames all of them for the acts of a few they will then have something to say about those complaining.


I want to be fair, I expect the Democratic Convention to be just as dysfunctional and surreal as the Republican convention.

You cannot make this stuff up, but it is real.  Morgan Graham a Trump supporter and Chair of the Cameron County Republican Party in response to Melania Trump's use of some of Michelle Obama's 2008 speech said the following in an attempt to dismiss Michelle Obama's speech as meaningless while clueless the same would apply to Melania Trump.

"I would like to express how I'm not a fan of platitudes in the first place. We have heard them over and over so much that they we hear them but aren't really listening. Words and phrases that are used with abandon and indiscriminately start to lose their power when the cause or movement that birthed it is forgotten."

So what are you saying Morgan, Melania meant what she said and Michelle Obama did not.  Because we have nearly 8 years of Michelle Obama proving her words were not mere platitudes - she acted on them and gave them meaning.  All you did in your hateful attack on Michelle Obama in order to defend Melania is in effect attack Melania.


Meredith McIver, who works for the Trump Organization, not the Trump campaign took responsibility for including excerpts from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech while also stating that Melania Trump cited Michelle Obama as one of the women she has always liked.  So we have the potential Republican First Lady looking to the sitting Democratic First Lady for Inspiration.

It does not end there.  The NYT has verified that Meredith McIver is a Democrat.  So to sum this up the Trump team of Republicans passed a speech for Melania Trump inspired by Democratic First Lady Michelle Obama and written by democrat Meredith McIver.

Are you getting the impression we are watching children run this convention?


What did Trump think Ted Cruz was going to say or do?  Only the Trump campaign is shocked Ted Cruz did not endorse Trump and told the conventioneers to vote their conscience during prime time no less.

Again, are children in charge of this convention.


The Trump campaign is now under investigation for possibly using a Trump Organization employee to write Melania Trump's speech.  Unless the Trump campaign can prove they paid the Trump Organization for her services, this would be a crime.

If Trump cannot run a simple convention without this kind of mess, how the hell is is going to run the White House?


The original poster of this picture of the original Little Rascals said the following:

"when i was a kid, this was my idea of a gang to hang with. Girls, guys, black, white, skinny, fat, cool, dorky - no matter who you were - you fit in. Wouldn't it be cool if we could all play together again?"

The same applies to me, except there were no black people in my town until I was a senior in high school.  I lived in a highly segregated town.  One side was mostly Jewish, another side was mostly Italian Catholics, and a small part of the middle was a mixture of religions and ethnic backgrounds.  We were one of two families with Hispanic heritage. 

It is a con job when people say the segregation was a southern thing.  It was all too real in NY on Long Island.

Part of the Little Rascals may have been a dream of a time to come.  But when you think about it,  Hal Roach began the series in 1922, and it ran with different characters until 1944. 

It is hard to send this message in a society which is still very segregated.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sometimes a subject has to be presented from several angles and several perspectives before people get it. Doyin Richards should be all over the news with his message, but it is not the type copy which sells, so he will only be heard by us sharing his message on social media.

Every community should have a summer camp for all children of all walks of life to come together under this message.  Unity is going to take time, but it must begin with good parents sending the right message to their children and not one of bigotry and discrimination.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Both of the above posts appear on OP10.33 FB page.  Many of the same people who came to me and asked I endorse Tony Zavaleta against my better judgment because on balance he was the better choice are now demanding I do stories outing him on any number of issues.  To say there is buyers remorse is an understatement.  The reality is we had no choice.  Tony Zavaleta using the word pendejo as a TSC Trustee tells me he is a light weight and intellectually deficient.

Mike Hernandez ran for the bait and joined in at the level of a elementary school yard fight.  I am curious have either called their mommy to tell on the other.

If you still believe Mike Hernandez possesses leadership skills - please stop reading the BV - you are just too stupid to understand basic leadership and the BV has nothing to offer you.


I seem to making headway so I want to continue this discussion  Everything above is true.  It is also true about other groups.  In the Republican Platform is a commitment to allow states to allow parents to force their children into mental health facilities to cure homosexuality.  Yes, bigotry is real.

I stand for WE as a people fighting all bigotry and racial discrimination, while acknowledging there is a special case to be made for extra attention on Black Americans.  

The Republicans have in their platform a promise to reverse gay marriage, and end gay adoption.  This is what Cameron County Republican Party Chair Morgan Graham calls not divisive.  How she posts her lies and looks at herself in the mirror is beyond me.

A leader in the BLM yesterday went public stating BLM opposes violence of all sorts, and the violence against the officers goes against the BLM movement.  Yes I know some people at the rallies are sending a different message.  But I am proud of this leader because he stood up and took a stand against violence against our officers.  This is the type leadership from the Black community which will move us in the right direction.  BUT WE as a nation need to reward this type leader so they become the face of the Black community and demand for meaningful change.


We cannot put our head in the sand and pretend there are no bad police officers.  But let's be real there are racist in every profession.  And no matter how hard we try we all have some bigotry in us. With the exception of my eye surgeon every experience I have had with an Indian doctor or nurse has been real bad.  Does that make me a racist - no.  I never refuse care.  I keep quiet about my experience, and leave frustrated.  My experience is they seem to have a superiority complex.  

Yesterday I was dealing with a new doctor doing his rotations.  The specialist called the shots, not the doctor doing his rotation.  He asked about Agent Orange when I was relating how my brother in law's doctors missed his brain tumor for maybe as much as a year.  The doctor on rotation was not happy to have a non-doctor explain anything to him.  His response was he was not from the U.S., so he knew nothing about Agent Orange.  I dismissed him and focused on the specialist.  Was my reaction to his attitude mean I am a racist, or that I do not take to doctors who think they have nothing to learn from the patient?  He will fail as a doctor.  He will probably get sued a lot, and call it discrimination not malpractice.

All I know for sure is until WE as a nation stand as one denouncing all racism period, with a recognition that Black Americans have suffered the longest and continue to suffer nothing will change.  Also if WE as Americans are unwilling to check our own emotions when we perceive someone of another race in a negative light, we will never end racism.  Do I believe all Indian doctors are arrogant?  Nope - my Indian eye surgeon is one of the most humble doctors I have ever met.  But I still must ask myself why I have so many problems with Indian doctors and nurses.  If I am unwilling to pose this question to myself and always be on guard against this perception, I am going to end up wrongfully disliking a doctor who may very well save my life.

We cannot allow bad experiences with any group of people or profession to define how we see an entire race of people or profession.  WE must learn to see the problem in the context of individuals and not by race or profession.


Guys you cannot make this up.  Also on the web is a story coming from her home country there is no records she graduated the university as she claims.

Mark my words Donald will say it is all coincidence or fire Melania's speech writers while claiming they were Democratic plants.

Any Republican out there proud of this?  Any Republican out there proud the anti-Trump voices were denied a vote yesterday until the RNC bosses were able to force people to take their name off of the petition calling for a state by state vote, thereby making the question moot?

Day one of the convention will be defined my Melania's speech.  This is not the type news which gives your campaign a bump.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Look I am not interested in biased studies which go both ways.  I do not believe BLM endorses in anyway the violence against law enforcement.  One of my readers suggested maybe we should change the name of the organization to BLM Also.

I am posting three videos coming from a black sheriff, a killed black police officer in Baron Rouge posted before his murder, and the words of a black mother who lost her son to a police officer.  The common theme is the violence must end.  These three would do more for the black community if they were the voice of the black community as opposed to those promoting division.  We must turn to unity while acknowledging we still have a problem with racism.  We should be united in our battle against racism and all forms of bigotry.  We must unite to silence all individuals who promote bigotry of any sort and anyone who joins them in the bigotry.  Also this nonsense coming from so many that racism is not a problem must also be confronted - racism from all corners is real and must be eradicated - but all races must fight against racism with one united voice.

The divisive discourse must end.  I am confused.  Why can  we not just agree to denounce all discrimination and bigotry - period.  Later this week I will have a post on how a desperate individual trying to build a political machine is now backing Jessica Tetreau in her bigotry against the mentally ill.  I warned everyone I would out you, and I will.  What sickens me is the family of this person has called Jessica Tetreau the biggest back stabber in Brownsville and the most ignorant poorly educated elected official in Brownsville.  But now they need to rebuild their political machine and to gain bigot Jessica Tetreau's support they denounce me for protecting the mentally ill, while joining forces with Jessica Tetreau so as to rebuild their political machine.

The BV is the only blog which consistently rejects all comments promoting anti-Mexican American rhetoric.  The BV does not need the bigoted trolls reading the BV.  You bigoted trolls know where your words are welcome.  They are not welcome here at the BV.

This issue matters.  All lives matter.  You cannot and will not be allowed to call yourself an American or Democrat while denouncing anyone protecting mentally ill people, while aligning for personal political gain with a bigot like Jessica Tetreau.  All 8 police officers who have died in Dallas and Baton Rouge are dead because we are too afraid to brand the bigots and shut them down.

The BV has the branding iron ready and will use it.  No sacred cows.

The next video is a reading of Montrell Jackon's.

On the next video the youtube video has been taken down so you must click on the CNN video of the mother of Alton Sterling calling for an end to the killings.  She makes a big issue that the family of the dead officers are now going through the same pain she is suffering from the death of her son.  These are the people the media need to be profiling and not those seeking to divide us.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I've been so busy I failed to note something on my calendar.  At the end of June I hit a milestone which is both great and sad.  I am 58 and 4 months, and am now officially older than both of my parents when they passed.  Of the seven one more brother to meet that milestone.  It may seem like an odd thing to note, but it is a time thing.  My maternal grandmother's siblings were all in their late 90's early 100's when they passed.  They were born in Nicaragua in the 1800's without electricity or modern plumbing.  They saw it all come into being.  What are we doing different that we are dying younger than our grandparents? My brother in law made it to 94, and the clan currently has 3 grandmothers who are 94 and doing well.  In fact one just buried her 67 year old son.  Another buried a daughter several years back.

Just something to ponder,


There are two primary views concerning objection to the slogan Black Lives Matter.  The one, which we should all reject, is based in the ignorance of racism.  But the second is based on the view we must start to view the greater issue of ignorance and bigotry and move to a thought process of all lives matter.  Racism is based in the idea that we are not all the same, so the slogan Black Lives Matter only reinforces our division rather than promoting unity.

The self anointed leaders of this movement and many of its followers get all upset when you raise black on black violence.  Every time a little black child is killed in a drive by shooting, it is a tragedy which befalls our entire nation.

We as a nation, but with blacks leading the battle call, must address the issue of black on black violence.

President Obama proved a black man can rise to the highest position of power in the U.S. I know it is not so simple.  He had advantages other blacks do not have.   But this applies to all groups equally.

Michelle Obama and Associate Supreme Court Justice Thomas both experienced the same racial discrimination in college but chose opposing paths in how to deal with it.

Both complained that Anglos viewed them as only being at their respective undergraduate and law schools because of affirmative action and not because they were smart.  We cannot say to either of them that the racism was not real.  It was very real.

You will never convince me racial profiling is not real.  On the way back from NY, a couple were complaining about two Sikh men on the plane, assuming they were terrorists.  They did not outright say it, but they implied it with their words.  This couple is so ignorant they are unaware Sikhs are not Muslims.  But commenting about Muslim men being on the plane would have been equally wrong.

Early this week I read an article of a former black literature teacher being questioned in Canada for the crime of reading in his car while watching the waves break on the shore.   An Anglo couple called it in.  In that case the officer apologized, but noted they have to respond to complaints.

Yes we have some - only a few bad officers.  But that does not justify a movement which creates a division between our law enforcement and society.  Creating divisions never help anyone.

I am not dismissing the problem - it is all too real.  But it has reached the point that law enforcement is finding it increasingly hard to do their job without being accused of racial profiling.

Sometime ago I posted a video taken by a black bystander filming a black officer kicking an Anglo homeless man to get him to move on.  I love this video because the bystander as a black man verbally took down the black officer - why?  because independent of race he was wrong and the life of this homeless Anglo man matters.


Having seen on the news many of the marches involving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., early in life I started to ask the question of why we have to view each other as separate.  This mindset lead me into eventually becoming a classically trained socialist.  You cannot be a socialist and support Black Lives Matter - you can claim to be a socialist but you are not.


In the mid-80's when I raised the issue of bisexuality at a Dallas Gay Alliance meeting I was labelled sick and in denial.  There was no such thing as bisexuality according to the Dallas Gay Alliance.  You have no idea how many years of infighting it took to change the name to the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

While in NY with a transgender niece and a non-binary nephew I discussed the issue of labeling.  They both agreed the labels only serve to emphasis our differences rather than what makes us all the same, but my nephew pointed out that so long as discrimination exists, we need the labels to identify the victims of discrimination.  I responded with, until we see each other as all equal labels will be needed.  But we must move beyond labels, while acknowledging bigotry of all sorts exist.

We do this best by acknowledging All Lives Matter and marching in unity to All Lives Matter while showing zero tolerance for those who seek to promote discrimination against anyone - period.

A true rainbow march will do more to bring awareness to the problem than a march which highlights only one group.


I am glad we are at the point of the conventions starting.  It puts one more part of this joke behind us.  While it is good for the soul of the nation that there will be protests, let us remember hoping for violence to make the Republicans look bad is not American.  

Let's hope it goes fast and without any major incidents.  The people will protest, which is good.  

After the convention we will see a bump in Trumps numbers.  The poorly educated will claim this as evidence Trump can win.  And there in lies the problem with our nation.  Ignorance.  The bump will fade, and Hillary will have her convention and get a bump.  These bumps are meaningless beyond showing ignorant people are impressed with shiny things.

It will not be until after Labor Day that we will see the first polls which may predict how the election will go. That is when the race will be in full swing. 

Friday, July 15, 2016


From a 2016 Gallup Poll: "42% identify as independents, 29% as Democrats, 26% as Republicans Independent identification at least 40% for fifth consecutive year Democrats maintain edge over GOP in party identification and leaning"

Texas is not in play for the presidential election.  Donald Trump will receive all 38 electoral college votes.  I will not hide the fact I want a Democrat in the White House for one reason and one reason only, control of the Supreme Court.

Polling between Clinton and Trump is too early to be reliable.  As of June the latest poll puts Clinton only 7 points behind Trump.  It will be September before we see a realistic poll.

See Statesman

But if come the time of early voting Clinton polling shows she cannot win Texas then Texas Democrats should send a strong message to the DNC that they better present us with better choices or else.  There is a growing movement among unhappy Democrats to vote for Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico who is running under the Libertarian Party.

If Hillary cannot win in Texas why not send a message instead of wasting our vote on Hillary.  Gary Johnson is rapidly becoming the choice of Bernie Sanders supporters and Republicans unwilling to vote for Donald Trump.

But I know politics and at the 11th hour some will balk and vote Republican and Democrat.  I'm tired of the two party system.  Only because I have no use for and consider Victor Cortez dangerous to our civil liberties I will be voting for one Democrat - Sheriff Lucio.  Beyond that I will be voting a blank ballot in the handful of Cameron County races.

Remember the old adage, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together."  We can and must do better than one bird with opposing feathers.