Tuesday, June 14, 2016


To be fair the demise of consumer rights began with Democrat Dan Morales who eventually did prison time for corruption related to the tobacco settlement.


I am beyond steamed that the Democrats yesterday disrupted the House over the Orlando killing to push gun control.  Guns do not kill people, deranged people kill people.  The evidence which has come out clearly shows this man was filled with hate towards the gay community, hate fueled by the Republicans and religious zealots of all religions.  and their fanatical supporters.  Not one word from the elected Democrats on how hate speech fuels this kind of violence.   Yes we need a few more regulations of guns, but yesterday was not the day to use for political agenda - Yesterday was the day to speak to hate speech and its consequences.


When Jim Mattox was the AG Texas was considered the most favorable state for consumers.  We had strong laws against deceptive trade practices, and an AG willing to enforce the law.

As I type I am one week without hot water.  The new one is being installed as I type.  I have home warranty insurance.  Tomorrow the Insurance DTPA letter will go out once I have all the final bills.

I have home warranty insurance for these type matters.  It has a $60 deductible.  The insurance company promised the plumber was coming last Tuesday night.  He never showed or called.  The next morning he called to say he was on his way - he never showed - this went on all day until about 5:15 p.m.

When he got here after looking into the utility closet he said it would be $375, plus the $60 deductible.  He said there were code violations and I had to pay for those.  One problem the day before the city inspector for plumbing had just cleared all of the plumbing in the utility closet including the hot water heater.  That is when we saw it was leaking.

I threw him out.  This was the second time my insurance company sent the same thieving plumber.  Last time they put me in collections even though I had proof the deductible check had cleared already.  They threatened to cancel the policy.  I had to pay a second time.  Eventually their lawyers ordered a refund.  In that case I had to pay the plumber $150 to move the AC drainage pipe to a different PVC pipe to drain it.

I called the insurance company and offered to send them the report showing no code violations.  They offered $365 for me to find my own plumber.  You cannot buy a new hot-water heater and install it for $365.


These plumbers they hire get paid nearly nothing so they have to find problems not covered by the insurance in order to make money.  Well I had written proof of no code violations.  I demanded they send a new plumber and they refused.

So they will pay the $900 I am paying for the job, or in two months we will be in court and they will pay their attorney $30,000 or more.  And they will - why? because for every 20,000 or so people they try and cheat only one will sue, so it is still to their advantage to engage in deceptive trade practices.

Since the Republicans took control of the state government over 20 years ago, consumer laws have been destroyed.  This is why it is so easy for companies to cheat us.  Perry Homes owns the Texas Supreme Court which is why it is nearly impossible for a homeowner to win a lawsuit for a poorly constructed home.

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Anonymous said...

Jim was known as the Peoples Lawyer for a reason, His famous quote was that "The best disinfectant is the light of day". Our current state democratic party is now a joke. May Jim rest in peace.