Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Mike Hernandez officially announced OP10.33's censorship rules.  This is what Mike calls transparency.  His rules now include blocking anyone you reports negatively on his activity.

"Strict Code of Honor:
* HONESTY - Freedom from deceit or fraud
* HONOR - Complete fairness and integrity in one's actions
* JUSTICE - Moral principle determining just conduct with others
* CHARITY - Act of giving without the prospect of personal gain
* OPPORTUNITY - Condition favorable for attainment of one's goals
Op10.33 will monitor and review all comments and posts to ensure that they comply with our rules. We reserve the right to delete comments or posts that we deem are abusive, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate. Repeat offenders will be banned from our Facebook page".

Mike demanded proof that Eddie Lucio III is dishonest.  I posted a Herald article to show Lucio III's history of dishonesty.  I then gave him a list of names of people who have been charged by Saenz and found not guilty or had the charges dropped.  Mike Hernandez unable to defend his indefensible position deleted all of the exchanges and then posted this laughable policy.
Mike Hernandez may think pissing on the graves of all those who have died in service to this country is funny, but it is not. Tony Yzaguirre is innocent until proven guilty and getting on a mob bandwagon to convince people Tony is guilty so a write in candidate can win is a slap in the face to everyone who ever died in service to this country.  No matter how much Mike hates it I will stand on one of the most fundamental rights we have "innocent until proven guilty."
Instead of admitting he messed up again by aligning again with the wrong person he censors those who speak the truth.  The man knows nothing about transparency.
 I will stand and defend our right to speak out against his tactics, which now include censorship, and claiming honesty means deleting factual claims which do not serve his staff of con artists.
I have never met a man so determined at self destruction.  

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