Friday, June 24, 2016


The primary problem with journalism is the need to be first and headlines which make good copy.  In today's world of cheap journalism and blogging there is no time for research.  

Before the election of Tony Zavaleta the four votes were there to end Lily Tercero's employment at TSC. Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon knew once they left Lily would have been pushed out had they not put the contract extension on the agenda while they still had a vote.  This is the type good government Mike Hernandez wants to push on Brownsville and Cameron county.

I have said this before, since day one Lily Tercero was working in a mine field.  She was up against a staff all upset with the changes which she had nothing to do with, but came with the separation from UTB.  She had the pro UTB people within TSC and in the community doing everything they could to undermine her efforts.  She had a dysfunctional Board unable to come to a meeting of the minds as to how best proceed.  Then when Adela Garza was not voted Board President she went on the attack putting out endless lies and disinformation about the accreditation process - a process which UTB tried to undermine.

Dr. Tercero quickly realized she had no cohesiveness in her staff or Board, and had to become a micro-manager.  This angered the staff who then complained to Board members.  Her choice was to do nothing, because the staff if left to their means were determined to make her life hell, or to take the bull by the horns for forced changes.  Well the latter never works.

Long before the election the BV discussed this issue and the fact I was pulling my support from Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon because they were the two telling Dr. Tercero to not worry and do as she pleased.  When you are at war with your staff your organization will fail.  Had Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon worked with the other Board members to try and fix the discord, things may have gone differently.

I asked a source why the person who was responsible for keeping track of the windstorm insurance still had a job and the answer was they did not know.  Upon discovery of the mistake Dr. Tercero should have fired this person right away.

Texas A & M is trying real hard to help us, but apparently Dr. Tercero does not understand she has to be leading TSC on this issue.  The damage she has inflicted upon herself with the help of Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon has now gone too far.

TSC is not BISD.  An independent lawyer will review everything and based on her written contract and mistakes a legal opinion will be rendered.  In my opinion she should just leave.  In Laredo she was ranked 4th among the candidates for the community college.  She is going to have to accept a high level administrators job somewhere if she expects to find a job.

If independent counsel can find within her contract a way to remove her without a lawsuit to follow, her time at TSC has come to an end.


It is a foregone conclusion Adela Garza is going to become the Board President.  The Board needs to make clear to her if she cannot behave they will remove her real fast.  This Board needs to unify and fast.  They need to find a president who understands the past mistakes and who understands the importance of the Texas A & M relationship.

My prediction on Adela Garza is simple - she will fail and then we the community need to hold the Board Members accountable for voting her in.  They know she will fail, but are simply hoping to shut her up by voting her in.  No guys - let her whine and vote someone in who can unite the Board and help guild the Board to hire a new president.  But I know politics - Adela will get the job and then all the Board members will lie and claim shock when she fails.  They know she tried to hurt the TSC brand by putting out false information about the accreditation process.  You do not reward this behavior. 

This Board messed up big time when they adopted the instructor baby-sitter method of teaching.  Technology is good but not when used as a substitute for real instruction.  

History and Political Science are two of the courses where the nursing students should be developing their critical thinking skills.  The Board by adopting the baby sitting method of instruction using technology, took away from the nursing students the critical thinking courses which prep them for nursing.  

The CEO at Valley Baptist personally told me the nursing students today just do not care.   They are in it for the money.  From first hand knowledge I can tell you they have no problem solving skills and they really do not care.  

Until TSC returns to traditional teaching methods while incorporating technology where appropriate such as the Smart Board, or a study hall with computer programs which help the students through their math problems while still getting traditional instruction in the classroom I would tell everyone - do not send your children to TSC.

While working on my Masters in Education at UT Arlington, about half of my classes were on line.  I do not study well with others.  My learning methods are different so it is a waste of time for me to work in a group.  But I know based on speaking with the other students they would sit in groups and take the tests on line all together while looking up the answers. never having actually read the material.  Online courses promote cheating.  You have preprogrammed tests graded by a computer with no human involvement by an instructor.  

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