Thursday, June 9, 2016


Every day I check the FB posts of my friends and family.  I love these type posts. Getting old is the best part of living.  You younger people will eventually get it.  This picture is pre AC as standard in cars.  My first two brand new cars required I pay extra to have AC installed at the dealer.  I am talking as late as 1986. My first car required I pay the dealer to install a radio. Things have changed so much.  But I love everyone of them.

The old friend who posted this picture family had the first color TV in the neighborhood.  I remember all of the neighborhood kids packing her house to watch the Wizard of Oz.  Times were good.

It was probably 91 or 92 that AOL went from charging by the minute which limited Internet access, to a set monthly fee, which saw Internet access increase by leaps and bounds. Now AOL is free.  

People who want to be younger must not have had a lot of great life adventures.  I would not change any of my life adventures.  Each had a purpose.  I am so anxious to be 60.  It will be a new beginning of new adventures.  I am 58 and three months - so I have a bit before age 60.

Again, getting old is the best part of living.

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