Monday, June 20, 2016


Freedom of speech is about more than to speak your mind.  It only serves the people if it is honest and based on no sacred cows.  I do not care the profession - everything has become a con.  I do not know who is worse the judges who engage in the corruption or those who remain silent about the truth because they fear the consequences.  One way or the other neither are meeting their oath of office.


Bert Ogden had the nerve to call me to drive and hour and a half round trip to pick up the wrong new plates because they messed up, and then have me wait an hour at the tax office to try an convince them to give me the $80.00 Bert Ogden paid them for the wrong plates, and to reissue the correct plates.

I am tire of this new business model - we pay for the service and then have to do their job.  Bert Ogden is going to have their employee drive to Brownsville and fix the problem or we are going to have problems.  I have my plates - I signed the forms to transfer them to the new car, they messed up not me.  They are going to fix it not me.


When I started to have problems with this computer, HP tried to fix the hard drive and after two failed attempts finally sent a new hard drive.  It came over night.  I got it on Friday - the tech just left with the new hard drive installed.  During round one the attempted fix and insurance cost me about $140.  I think maybe only $120.  HP honored their agreement no questions asked.  Why has this become such a difficult problem for corporate America?


I use to trust NPR and the NYT, but have now seen enough biased articles that I trust neither.  The Washington Post is somewhat reliable, but at times is overtly biased.  When these major news organizations cannot be trusted, it reflects on our nation and its values.  I get they need to make money, but today based on the corporate model running these organizations there would be no Watergate or Pentagon Papers.

Blogging as a hobby is not easy because it takes time, costs money if you are going to do the research properly, and pays nothing unless you are bought.

Mike Hernandez's biggest mistake was not putting money on the table for McHale and Montoya.  Had he paid them Mike Hernandez would have been painted as the second coming and the elections may have gone the other way.

Carlos Marin is the enemy not because of what he has done wrong, which is plenty, but because he will not pay McHale and Montoya.  But they both take Marin's money indirectly by backing candidates for money who take Marin's money.

Marin is going to help fund Cata Presas-Garcia's campaign and both will take her money for ads without blinking an eye.

The blogs have not become what they can become because educated people see then as bought and paid for whores to the highest bidder.

Educated people do not want to see the endless insults so they do not read or trust the blogs.

I can honestly say I hate the blogs and go days without reading them.  Most stories are half ass without any interest in getting the full story.  It is about good copy and not facts.

For all of the money Evelyn Cantu got from Mike Hernandez where was it spent?   There were no mailers - nothing.  The so called library conspiracy was based on nothing more than a hatred for Tony Martinez.  All any blogger had to do was go to the library to see the space was being used - but facts do not make good copy - only bogus conspiracy theories make good copy

This was my post today, but I decided the issue of the blogs needed to be added to put this into context.  Every person seeking to run as a write in has zero respect for our constitution.  Everyone of them would be yelling from the hill top Innocent Until Prove Guilty is they were the ones being charged.  But they are not so they are yelling guilty because Tony has been charged.  Sorry guys, not a one of you are fit to hold public office if you cannot respect such a fundamental concept of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Each of your are nothing but an opportunist without any regard for our constitution.
Our constitution matters or it does not.  I was very uncomfortable with the idea of a write in based solely on the fact Tony Yzaguirre has been charged with a crime.  People are found innocent all of the time.  Do we forget that for money Saenz charged Josefina Fisher with obscene language for calling Yolanda Begum a fake, only to have an honest judge dismiss the charges for what they were - politically motivated.
You may see me blogging a lot less.  I have no interest in the BISD election.  It is already so corrupted there is no chance of an honest person being elected.  Even if an honest person were to run and be able to raise the money, McHale and Montoya will go on the attack unless they pay, and the fools will believe McHale's bogus polls and bogus proclamations of his non-existent news organization for South Texas.
I have one story left in me.  I am working on it.  Until I have the documents to prove the claim the story is going nowhere. I am disgusted with the blogs and feel dirty to be a blogger in Brownsville.  Trust me, Carlos Marin's candidates would have done a lot better had he just paid Montoya and McHale - it is not about what is best for the people, but what is best for the bloggers pockets. 


Anonymous said...

Basically you are saying that Montoya and Jerry have a wider audience than you and could decide an election. To bad you didn't back up Masso over Luis and Zarate over Jessica. If you would have done so we could have started moving Cameron County and Brownsville toward a brighter future. You have been at odds with every blogger since you decided to reopen your blog. Maybe its time to hang your gloves?

BobbyWC said...

First of all I was attacked repeatedly for exposing the fraud who is Saenz, until the money stopped flowing to Montoya and he changed sides as he always does. I remained solid on every wrongful act by Saenz - but some people did not like if I did a story on something he may have done right. It is called being balanced.

So you would have me turn over the blogs to the bloggers who only serve those who pay them - that will move Cameron county forward.

You do know Mike Hernandez is now backing Tad Hasse - do you think the blogs are going to go after Hasse with some conspiracy theory that he is now linked to Mike Hernandez. No - on that conspiracy theory they will give Hasse a pass. My view is I will wait to see the campaign finance reports to see if Mike H gives to Hasse's chosen candidate. Then I will have an opinion.

Zarate had a bookkeeping problem with Down by the Border - you would have had me remain silent. Had just about anyone ran against Jessica other than Zarate I probably would have backed them. But Zarate had problems with his bookkeeping - you would have preferred I keep that silent because that would have been better for Brownsville?

How do you get I am saying they have larger readerships than me. I pay to know the numbers and am very happy. Although I must say there is no known program which can give accurate numbers. I have never posted false numbers such as the other bloggers have.

The people hate the blogs for the nastiness and endless false half ass stories based on stupid conspiracies. They hate the press for the same reason which is why the press is dying.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Brownsville blogs are not objective, hence they are no better than the local newspaper. If ever an honest and factual blog comes to town, then we shall be able to say we have something. And it wouldn't be hard to do, if, and again this is the BIG if, you could find a blogger without sacred cows who could "write." Push for that, Wightman...

BobbyWC said...

I am going to continue this conversation today, but bring in Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez - people interested in facts rarely read the blogs. Yesterday I rejected the typical post which I reject - the moronic readers want you to hate who they hate or else you are bad. It drives them nuts if you report the good the bad and the ugly.

There are two type readers of the blogs - those who should not be allowed to vote because they are too stupid to know what they are doing and those who hope to learn what is happening in the community. I have always targeted those who can bring change. If everyone too stupid to vote were to stop reading the BV I would be a happy man.

We either report the good the bad and the ugly as to everyone or nothing at all. You have McHale and Montoya who publish strictly on the dollar - You have Barton who lives in a world of made up conspiracies and then turns to mindless insults when he is called out because intellect and Barton do not go along - he will lie and mislead his readers rather than admit to his bullshit lies - even when I proved he lied about an email concerning his boy toy Roman Perez instead of apologizing he went out of his way of saying never. That is not a man - that is someone with a major Napoleonic complex based on their lack on intellect - and not necessarily their height.

Think about it he could not take two seconds of his day to go to the library and see if they were telling the truth about the space normally used for voting was unavailable - he simply took his hatred for Martinez and turned it into a conspiracy to reduce the vote for Zavaleta. Well the vote results proves it was one big lie pushed by Barton and others. He kept on pushing Cantu being funded by Mike Hernandez not withstanding the fact there was no campaign which informed even an idiot there was then no money. But he lives in his world of lies and fabrications.

He acts shocked that McHale would change his story. McHale lies about every interview and Barton acts shocked McHale would change his story to protect those who pay him. You cannot be that stupid. Barton needs to be important to feel relevant which is why he makes sure he posts pictures of all the events he goes to. You never see me at these political events, just hanging. I've been to one victory party in all my life and that is it. I've been to two pachangas just long enough to get something to eat and pay for it. No pictures. Well at one there were a lot of politicos willing to pass me information so I did speak with them - but not one picture.