Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Because most people only concern themselves with snippets, or headlines, his letter will not be read by many.  I have not read it, and do not care to read it.  I'm busy.


The Republicans fear every day something will happen to put Texas into play for the presidential election.  Oh mind you, Trump will still win Texas, but how mucht are the Republicans going have to spend if the numbers begin to move towards Hillary.

Congressman Vela helped to motivate even more the Latino voter.  It is the news coverage which is motivating the people, and not the reading of the letter.

Brilliant use of the media.

A little reminder from an Honduran immigrant who is now a legal citizen and can vote.


Anonymous said...

Please Bobby give me a break, you didn't have the time to read his open letter and yet your comment of how our congressman Vela "Naco" motivated the Latinos? His behavior explains the issues in a nut shell!

I'm of Hispanic descent, born and raised in AMERICA! So...I agree with what Trump has been saying all along, that anyone wanting to live in America from another country, follow the law because if you don't, then don't even bother coming!

The Mexican government doesn't tolerate anyone in their country without proper documents and neither does Canada! Yes, alot of people in local boarder towns go shop in the local Mexican markets, have margaritas and get their medications there. But, everyone just visits for a few hours a day then return to the USA using a passport. It's a bit different when you travel overseas and into our other boarder crossing "Canada".

***Why do we not talk about how the Mexican government build a boarder wall in it's most southern tip of Mexico?

Wake up gente! Trump has a big mouth and he's not afraid to use it.

Vela wants to credit himself as a fighter for justice for the people that are of Mexican descent and other nationalities. Mr. Vela, you are a begit and self serving want-a-be gringo!

HELL, I've seen "white" judges being both racist and bias that wouldn't recuse themselves!

No one likes to hear it as it is. Our country has laws that no one seems to want to protect and fight for! Laws are made and yet, it's okay to break them when convenient?

Boy, this is just mind blowing and talk about putting your foot where the sun doesn't shine! I wonder if Mr. Vela didn't make a deal with a Mexican national cousin?

Trump has been the only person with heavy money and balls to take on this job and do it! Take out your wallet congressman, I bet it's full of payoffs!

Now, go to work and get the damn boarder cleaned up from the corruption and quit riding on Trumps back!

BobbyWC said...

First of all you can neither read nor write in English. I did not read the letter because it was not important to my post. My post was Vela got Latinos all ignited - that is all I said. I said nothing about the merits of the content of the ltr because I did not read it and did not care to read it.

My issue was the political impact - that is all and that you cannot address because you fail to understand the English language.

For the record the existing wall is a complete and total failure. Republicans love to talk budget but never how to pay for their wasteful spending.

You did not help yourself with your self serving insults thrown at Vela. All he did was get the Latino's engaged. He knew no on as going to read the entire letter.

and for the record it is "A LOT' not "ALOT."

God that one gets under my skin

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Will, I'm glad to get you involved and under your skin...lol
What you fail to recognize is, that you also make typo's.

The wall will always be a failure to all of us that see it and want to ignore the problems it bring daily.
This doesn't justify why Congressman Vela would lower one's moral standards so far as to do something reprehensible as he did. He needed to be the better person here. We are his constituents, he represents us and he should protect and defend our rights as USA citizens!

It's time to hold our representatives accountable! They are paid to represent us and not act like Trump!

So Bobby,get your feathers ruffled and don't stop what you do best to give us a way to voice our opinions!!