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I like this rendition because the producer includes a message as you listen to the song.  The message is powerful.  I never give up on anyone.  It seems the more Mike speaks the deeper the hole he digs for himself.

But maybe if he reads his contradictions in the Herald while listening to this rendition of "Amazing Grace" he will see the light.  Carlos Marin will be saved some day, but not until he is alone with no one to play - at that moment he will see the light.

Before I hear it, I am not trying to save anyone - I am just told Mike has a faith side to him and this may be the way to reach him.

Money is fools gold - it has no value other than what we give it. It is the person who has value, and not his money. Mike seems to think because he has millions he can save Brownsville from itself.  The most telling statement made by Mike appeared in his last article with the Herald.

"I just came down here trying to figure out what’s wrong,” he said. “What’s causing this? I came looking for villains, and there aren’t any. Really what it is that I’ve found, is that the culture down here is such that the local government entities, for example, seem to work in silos. There’s not a lot of collaboration between them behind one overall vision for Brownsville, for Cameron County.”

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From OP10.33's FB page:

"We have total confidence and trust in Dr. Marin. He has volunteered much of his time to help design strategies that will help create good paying jobs for a community who wants them. We feel very fortunate to have him on our team."

It is beyond presumptuous for Mike Hernandez to think we need him to figure out the problem with growth in Brownsville.  The blogs have been covering the failed Carlos Marin project of Image then United Brownsville since at least 2008..  Carlos Marin's Ambiotec got its $900,000, to produce a report which has produced no results.  In a quick Internet search I can track Imagine Brownsville meeting for its first attempt to move forward back to 2008.

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Carlos Marin's design machinations got his Ambiotec $900,000, and has cost many Brownsville political entities including the $900,000 well over a million dollars.  The city of Brownsville is out over a million dollars independent of the other political entities.

So in terms of Mike Hernandez's brilliant assessment of "  I’ve found, is that the culture down here is such that the local government entities, for example, seem to work in silos.", the people of Brownsville have known this since before 2008.  Brownsville is at war with its neighboring cities and in fact suing the state to win the war.  Brownsville refused to work with Harlingen to build a new and more economically driven airport along SH 77 between the two cities, which is why both cities now have separate airports.  When the DFW area faced the same problem, they worked together and built DFW airport midway between Fort Worth and Dallas.  

The same Carlos Marin who created this work in individual silos Hernandez calls the problem is the same Carlos Marin he wants to help guide Brownsville out of these silos.  United Brownsville, one of many of Carlos Marin's many con jobs on the people of Brownsville has accomplished nothing.

But yet the very man who created and profited from the failed United Brownsville, a Carlos Marin machination of political corruption, is the man Mike Hernandez has total confidence in.

Of course Mike has to say there are no villains, otherwise he would have to admit he is doing business with Brownsville's biggest con man who created the very entity he now condemns as a failure,  

These are Mike's words concerning the problem and the no villains.  You see Armando Villalobos and Abel Limas are not in federal prison, Tony Yzaguirre our tax assessor has not been indicted.  Tony Martinez did not conceal from the city commission that his law partner was negotiating the sale and purchase of Casa Del Nylon for $2.3 million dollars - which was way over priced.  It was okay for Tony Martinez to not abstain from the vote.  It was okay, although a federal judge has found otherwise, for Abraham Galonsky who sold the building to Brownsville, to be in executive session during negotiations.  It is okay that the hopelessly corrupt city commission under the law can still sued Galonsky to get the money back and will not.  But no Villains, why?  because they are all part of Carlos Marin's menagerie of ambitious fools, so Mike has to turn a blind eye to all of them.

Long before Mike came along the blogs had exposed all of the villains and the complete failure of Carlos Marin's United Brownsville.  Mike Hernandez has admitted United Brownsville is a failure, but now has confidence in its architect to help him pull Brownsville out of the poverty Carlos Marin helps to sustain.

Your time is short Mike.  You cannot buy us with your money and then expect us to forget what Carlos Marin and his menagerie of fools have done to us.  We know the problem and you are now on that list.

I personally believe you can publicly denounce Carlos Marin at this point and no one will believe you.  When the blogs unite on issues, and community groups help get out the word we tend to win most of the time.  We feel empowered, having checked Tony Martinez's endless corruption.  Oh he is still operating the same way, but he is even more undercover and that will be his downfall as we continue to collect the evidence.

The author of "Amazing Grace" as a captain of a slave ship, and who had spent years in the slave trade eventually renounced slavery and became an Anglican Priest..  He was blind and then he saw. 

Mike is in the slave business of money.  But in his case he is the slave to his money.  He fails to understand the money by itself has no value.  It is the moral compass of the man with money which has value.

Carlos Marin will destroy Mike Hernandez before he sees the light.

Mike went to all of the villains for advice and took it while presuming we the stupid people of Brownsville did not know who the bad guys are.  Well Mike we know who they are, which is why your candidates lost.  You are now on the list of villains thanks to Carlos Marin.

We are not stupid Mike.  We know the failure of United Brownsville and the inability of its members to work together as opposed to working in separate silos.  You have discovered nothing other than who the villains are so you can be part of the problem by promoting the villains.

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