Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Sorry for no post on Tuesday - I was sick in bed all day.  Imagine not being able to breath and it feels like your lungs are being squeezed.  It leaves me in bed.  Wednesday I have another thoracic CAT scan.  They are scheduled every 6 months to monitor the situation.

I do not believe in death, only passing.  I do not believe Joshua aka Jesus believed in the Judeo/Christian/Islamic god of hate and judgment.  I believe a careful reading of his words shows he believed we all as a group form God, and our power is in our faith in what we each have inside of us.

The day I lose this faith, I will give up.

This is the year of passing.  I am on hold to leave for NY.  This year both my sister and brother in law underwent cancer treatment and surgery.  It was my sister's second cancer surgery.  She is doing fine as to her health,  Compared to me she is a bull.  She is strong beyond human comprehension.

Her husband was declared clear of esophageal cancer a few months ago, after two separate hospitalizations lasting over two months.  Well he collapsed last week and learned today he has inoperable brain cancer.

They can give him radiation treatment to shrink the tumor enough to relieve the pain, but not to cure it.  My sister is an optimist and still hopes once he it no longer in the horrible pain he will gain the strength to fight this.  The doctors have been wrong so many times, what the future holds is anyone's guess.

Earlier in the year after surviving two different cancers my brother in law died at age 94.  I still consider it a gift that I was given the power to order the end of his life support.  He was ready and I gave him what he wanted.

Then my friend's granddaughter died after 18 hours of life.

My eldest brother is dying a horrible death and the scumbag state of Texas has found he has no right to a guardian, an attorney or access to his money.  His insurance pays 100% of his nursing home so the government has no right to take his money.  It is going to the lawyer friends of the judge.  I have it stopped for now.

For a variety of reasons I have found standing and jurisdiction to sue Texas in federal court to force the appointment of a guardian.  They have him in a cesspool of a nursing home in a city where he has no family.  The neglect of the nursing home killed his wife.  The state has investigated and found nothing wrong with their refusal to feed him - he has no use of his hands.  He has lost well over 70 pounds.  He broke his hip after falling out of bed repeatedly.  The state of Texas found this to not be neglect.  Our family has been told the state will hold unto his money and no guardian will be appointed,  We cannot even communicate with him out of fear the court will hold us in contempt for trying to scare him.  He has no idea what is happening, He cannot comprehend his wife has died.

But I spend money I do not have because I promised to care for him as my brother.

Financially the last thirty days have been bad.  I had to buy a new car.  The Home Warranty Insurance company refused to honor the warranty so that cost me $900 for a new hot water heater.  After waiting since February for my new three outside French doors I finally have them but the man who agreed to install them has disappeared. It has to be someone who understands the windstorm requirements,

Mike's Plumbing and Electrical is refusing to comply with the permit and inspection rules for Brownsville and the Permit office refuses to help.  He wants me to pay for his code violations.  It is not going to happen.

But I still have my faith.  I will find the money I need to get my brother's case into federal court against the State of Texas.  I would never give a nickel to any veterans organization.  I have looked for help all over the state and country and all any of them want donations,.  Guardianship advocacy groups will tell you they cannot help but then endlessly email you for money.  The entire thing is a joke.

My brother did 25 years in the Army with two tours in Vietnam.  Between the insurance, his monthly income, and and money in the bank he can afford $10.000 a month for a nursing home and will still be leaving his son a nice inheritance.  One of the best specialists in the US in Houston is prepared to treat the lesions on his brain caused by the neurofibroma but the scumbag Republican judges have said no - the money is going to their lawyer friends and he must die in a cesspool of a nursing home without any family around to help him, or access to the specialist.

But I still have my faith.  How I will meet July's bills without having to pay penalties to dip into my retirement I do not know.  But I will.  A last minute ticket to NY is going to kill me financially, but I will be there for my sister,

My faith will sustain me and get me through this.  And for the record there is no prayer to God for help.  God knows what I need and he will make sure I get what I need, and if that means digging into my retirement I am cool with that.  God will have his reasons.

My faith will sustain me.  Hopefully the worst of this year is behind my family,

Let's face reality, I have no problems compared to all of the children dying of starvation and war. Compared to them I am the luckiest person on the planet.

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BobbyWC said...

Funny, Mikes Plumbing and electrical do not like this post. the son just called me and told me he dad had been out to see me - lie. But now all of a sudden they have agreed to call the city to inspect again and pay for the inspection if code violations are found. I am far from done with this company. The employees do not like working for the son and have made clear they do not give a crap and that if in fact the owner retires they will go work elsewhere. When you pay someone $10,500 for a job you expect it to be done right - not with Mikes Plumbing and Electrical.

Bobby WC