Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I know a lot of my readers find my faith to be boring.   I am not imposing anything on you.  You must find your own way and have faith in it.  There is not one path.  The only correct path is the one which sustains you.  If you have not found one, I pray some day you will.

These posts are giving me the strength I need.  If I could I would take every ounce of pain my sister is feeling,  She and her husband had a great retirement planned.  They were bringing their three daughters. son in laws and endless grandchildren to SPI this summer.  I hope my sister will have the strength to still come if her husband passes.  I know Kenny, it is what he would want.  It was their plan.  It saddens me to know how hard they both worked for a great retirement with their children and grandchildren and now it appears gone.  My sister loves her granddaughters,  Her one grandson will graduate next year and probably go Navy.  But she will spend endless hours teaching her granddaughters how to sew and cook and do crafts.  In time she will be fine.

I close this with Psalm 23


Anonymous said...

In regards to your brother's situation you may find an article in the July issue of The Texas Observer to be helpful. The article discusses abuses in the Texas adult guardianship system.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks I will double check it. I may have read it already. I am busy getting ready for federal court. TO get an emergency hearing you have to put everyone on notice and try to learn the name of their counsel so they can be served directly and an emergency hearing can be had without a TRO and giving counsel the right to appear for the opposition. National organizations which have reviews the documents agree this is the worst case of abuse they have ever seen. But I can guarantee you the State of Texas will argue they have ever right to deny mentally incompetent people a hearing for a guardian while taking their money for the judges lawyers friends, and denying the disabled veteran medical care.

The AG will not even consider the absurdity of their argument. Republican AG Ken Paxton will order the state defended at any cost to its reputation and not even consider they are killing a disabled Vietnam veteran by denying him access to the specialist and access to a better nursing home which he can afford.

I am now convinced the only people worse than these corrupt judges are the ones who follow the law but refuse to speak out to end the corruption. An oath is an oath and as far as I can tell no judge in Texas considers the oath worth the paper it is written on.

Bobby WC