Monday, June 20, 2016


I could not afford my home if I had to pay someone to do every repair or remodel. I still need a lot of lessons.  Every trip to NY I enjoy when he drags me to his summer home to do work.  Last March we installed a new hot water heater in the basement.  The hard part was getting the old one back up the stairs. I learned a lot about installing a natural gas hot water heater.  

I was told I was lucky that this time he turned off the gas first before he turned on the torch.  It is just a flash, but to the inexperienced it could be nerve racking. 

Everyone must learn to use their mind and hands.  It is sad our schools no longer mandate shop.  I learned a lot in shop.  Woodwork is still my favorite thing to do.  But I can do basic plumbing, electrical, and drywall.  In fact after two plumbers could not stop my garbage disposal from busting open at the pipe connection, I finally measured the pipe and realized it was an inch too short which is why it kept on pulling out.  I just bought a new pipe.  I should have trusted my skills and just done it myself from day one.

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