Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I was looking at OP10.33's FB when I saw this.

We believe that it is imperative to have new leadership in the County Tax Assessor – Collector position. We fully support Mr. Hasse's efforts supporting full transparency in local government."
Now the only reason you are not reading claims by Montoya and Barton that Hasse is now taking money from Hernandez is because Tad Hasse is protected from their made up conspiracy theories.
Someone I have never heard of and was not at Tad Hasse's event I believe was claiming an interest in running for Tax Assessor as a write in and was taking Hernandez to task for associating with Eddie Lucio III.  
Hernandez demanded proof that Lucio III was bad.  I sent him an article from the Herald which Hernandez termed gossip and should be posted on the blog and not on his FB page.

From the Herald Article:
"Lucio III and Isbell said the loan guarantee does not guarantee favors from the would-be legislator, and both pointed to their longtime friendship.

Lucio Sr. has lead the way to make it easier for the owners of these bingo parlors to make money on proceeds which are to go to charity.  Isbell's organization was in trouble and the Texas Lottery commission was ready to pull many of their bingo operating permits.  Then the Lucio's got involved and all was resolved.

Nearly two years an investigator with the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission found Isbell was illegally selling beer without a license and to minors but refused to issue a citation because as the investigator told me, DA Saenz will not prosecute Isbell and he is protected.  The minor while driving his mother's car from International Bingo drunk as a skunk caused property damage to other vehicles.  The insurance paid.


After he called the story gossip for the blogs - no Mike the entire matter was investigated by the Herald and American Statesman and the connection to the Lucios, I went after Mike for defending the indefensible.

I noted he opposes gossip but is ready to throw our constitution to the wind and find Tony Yzaguirre guilty before a trial by endorsing Tad Hasse's efforts.   I noted to Mike that being charged is not the same as being guilty.  I gave him specific cases - Manuel Velez released from death row after Saenz's bogus conviction of Velez.  I noted Judge Chew dismissed the case against Sonny Pedraza after DA Saenz failed to put on any evidence during the trial that Pedraza committed any crime.  I noted the case of Josefina Fisher who Saenz charged with obscene language for calling Yolanda Begum a fake - a charge which an honest judge dismissed for what it was political.

I'm going to wait for a jury to review the evidence and respect their findings before I destroy Tony Yzaguirre based on an allegation.  This lynch mob mentality has to stop.  But Gonzalez wants power so if you are charged you are guilty - no trial - no due process - nothing - the great Mike Hernandez gets to declare you guilty.


Once Mike could not defend himself he did what all small minded men do, he deleted all of the exchanges.

This was Mike not Carlos Marin - Mike has now defined himself.  He is going to try and quiet anyone who will not get in line with his con jobs.  


Will the bloggers go after Tad Hasse if there is evidence of an influx of money to help him with the write in candidate idea ?- which will fail such as every other political endeavor tried by Hasse.  But Mike Hernandez sees a chance to influence the process and praises Hasse.  The palanca vote has this election sealed.  It is a presidential race year.  The ballot is large.  Long term Democrats are going to just mark Democrat and be done with it.  I do not.  There are a lot of Third Party candidates running for statewide office where there are no Democrats on the ballot.  Because I support the idea of Third Parties I always vote for the Third Party Candidate before I will vote Republican.  The vote matters because it helps the Third Parties remain on the statewide ballot.

Again Mike Hernandez did no research and just went with it. He wants power and the harder he works at it the worse he looks.

His money will be all over the BISD election and so long as the candidates are willing to pay Montoya and McHale they will not care the money comes from Mike Hernandez - they will take it and change their story on Mike.

Do we really want someone who favors censorship and refuses straight answers to the people influencing our elections?  Well our opinion will not matter  - Mike knows McHale and Montoya are for sale and if need be he will make sure money goes their way.  He will not research who they are  - it's not Mikes style.


Mike claims to want to work with all of Cameron county to pull us out of poverty created by his compadres' corruption.  He says he supports transparency - but censors those of us exposing his con.  Now here is the deal, he says he supports Tad Hasse's efforts at a write in candidate to replace Tony Yzaguirre even though he has been found guilty of nothing, and in effect declares Commissioners Court not trustworthy in selecting a replacement for Yzaguirre if it comes to that. If he is announcing up front he does not trust Commissioners court to do the right thing, how does he expect to work with them?

The following quote from Casa Blanca best describes Mike Hernandez:

“You know how you sound…? Like a man who’s trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t believe in his heart.”

I have more to say, but I have work - so maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Mike.doesn't delete the comments Roger Lee does, he is communication's Director. That is what he gets paid for..

BobbyWC said...

And you think he does that without Mike knowing what is going on. Mike is about to lose more people - they cannot believe they were conned by him. Many were willing to blame Marin for everything, but Mike has now lost it and will find himself alone except with those who want his money- It will be a well deserved relationship.

Mike can order Lee fired for what he did - he will not because accountability is not an issue when you are acting on the bosses orders.

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Very true....