Saturday, June 4, 2016


Such as Jose Angel Gutierrez was surprised when the Imp claimed he had died, he is equally surprised to learn he had broken ranks with Mike Hernandez III.  There is zero truth to the claim

I am not a supporter of OP10.33.  I think Mike Hernandez such as Juanito loves to manipulate reality to be something it is not.

Jose Angel Gutierrez has a long history of fight for equality for the Latino Community.  I met him some 20 years ago when I agreed to work with him to represent various Mexican American Democrats in a war which broke out when a new group called Tejano Democrats was started.  In fact I represented his secretary from UTA in an election contest which lasted into her second term and won every appeal and every mandamus.

OP10.33 has two distinct arms.  Carlos Marin is used for the business side, Jose Angel is used for the community side.  They do not have to get along for both arms to operate.  Jose Angel will eventually learn who to work with and get things going to organize Brownsville to fight back.

But I can say with 100% certainty he is still working with Mike Hernandez and they are still working to organize Brownsville to get educated and fight back.  The world is not perfect.  Marin and Gutierrez have different views in who best can represent the needs of the community.  It is called politics.  

But the story Jose Angel Gutierrez has split from Mike Hernandez III is totally untrue.  

As to the office, back in March Mike told me the lease was up by June and he was negotiating a lease on a new office.  My source is out of town doing research and I forgot to ask if they set up in the new office.  Monday I will go by the office space I know Mike was negotiating to rent to see if they are located in the space.  Because I know how such negotiations go, I agreed to not discuss the new location until the deal was cut and they were moved in.  If they are moved in I will tell everyone where they are located.

Finally, Jose Angel Gutierrez works with many organizations around the country.  He travels quite a bit.  So it is not unusual to not see him around.  

On the RAZA issue we see now with Trump we still need people to fight the fight.  He is the last of the original fighters when it mattered most.  

Intellectually Jose Angel and I will never agree if he is a true socialist.  He may believe in the same agenda, but the distinction is, a true socialist fights equally for the community, and not one group. But let there be no mistake, the battle for race equality is real and we need the Jose Angel's to continue the battle.  


Anonymous said...

There new office is located, on the frontage by Channel 23, where the old furniture store used to be at

BobbyWC said...

I am holding your comment only because I promised to not reveal the location until they were moved in. But I will tell you, that is the location I was told they were negotiating for. My new car is being used so I have no wheels - otherwise I would drive over there now to show you are correct.

Thanks for caring to help get out the truth.

Bobby WC