Thursday, June 30, 2016


If I am to believe the chatter there are a million good stories out there.  The problem is there is no evidence to support any of the stories.

There is one story which a key fact can be verified by everyone with very little effort.  The question the fact raises would cause a storm of chatter.  But until the story is ready I have promised the source to not even ask the question based on the 100% verifiable fact.


I have not hid the fact I support the removal of all 4 Trustees up for reelection.  Unfortunately I am convinced some of the same people who cannot win and are spoilers will announce.  This will only benefit the incumbents.

OP10.33 is in love with Desesperanza Zendejas so it will back Jose Chirinos to protect her.  Carlos Marin and Cata Presas-Garcia are friends, so Marin will make sure OP10.33 does nothing to hurt her.  I have no idea where Otis Powers stands in all of this.  I do know the majority want Minerva Peña gone so we can expect OP10.33 to go after her - but some say things may have changed on this once she made it to United Brownsville.

Mike Hernandez made a big mistake by going public he was going to clean house of the bad politicians.  Which incumbents are going to work with him if they believe he will target them?  The ones doing his bidding that's who.  You either do Mike Hernandez bidding or face a challenger.

BISD will remain the largest bastion of corruption in Brownsville because  the spoilers will help the incumbents win.  You bring in OP10.33, and the candidates which may actually care will not have a fighting chance.

There are ton of names out their, but the BV will not  name any of them until they themselves formally announce.

The Internet chatter in Brownsville only serves to hurt Brownsville.


BobbyWC said...

Unless you have facebook pages which prove your list no names are getting through. I know of a name not on your list wherein the person told me for sure they are running and they have the money.

When I have proof I will publish the names. This race could all come down to money.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I will not delete your post. I will try and reach out to some of the names you mentioned and see if I can confirm - if I can I will post it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you, but I do agree that all the uncombent have to go.. Please keep us posted.