Friday, June 3, 2016


To get their child the help she needed the family had to file complaints against Art Rendon and Luis Segura.  It took several years of Stell middle school being a failed school before BISD would remove Luis Segura as its principal.

It was so bad with Segura he falsely accused the father of having a restraining order against him to stay away from his daughter.  He could never produce such an order because none existed.  The lie was told to justify not notifying the father about the ARD he was demanding.  His daughter at the time I think was reading at the second grade level.

The father fought tooth an nail every year to insure his daughter was in smaller classes.  She did very well in biology.  She passed the STARR examines with no problems.  She reads.

The family is so excited.  One aunt is buying her, her graduation ring, another is throwing a big party.
She is set to take the Air Force entrance exam.  She learned to read and do math.  She is very good at biology.  All she needed was the right environment where they taught her the way she learns.  The family could not be happier.

Her only complaint is she wants the Air Force to send her to Japan.  I told her she could end up in a hole in the wall, but that is the way it goes.  She is going to be a nurse's aid of sorts.  Once she is settled in, in her job, she will start taking courses at a local community college. She is a very disciplined young woman.  She will do fine.  She is smart enough to know why should she borrow money to go to TSC when the Air Force will pay her to get the same training and guarantee her a job when she is done, with benefits.

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