Friday, June 3, 2016


Here is the email TSC received from Remi Garza:
As we discussed this morning, we were informed that the City of Brownsville and the Brownsville Public Library cannot make available their locations for the early voting TSC runoff election. While we are greatly disappointed we have already been able to obtain two alternate locations to replace them.  First, instead of the Brownsville Public Library-Main Branch on Central, we will use the New Horizon Medical Center at 191 E. Price Rd, Brownsville, Texas. Second, instead of the Brownsville Public Library-Southmost Branch on Southmost Rd, we will use Christ the King Catholic Church, 2255 Southmost Rd. Room C, Brownsville, Texas.  All other locations were able to confirm and assist us with any conflicts and will remain as originally planned.


The Main Library informed the Elections Office that the areas normally used for early voting had already been planned for use for summer programs for children so the areas were no longer available.

Here is the deal - we can complain on social media or keep posting the new locations so people can find them.  Christ the King is an easy one - we just need to get word out for people to go there for early voting.

New Horizon is at 191 E. on Price rd about two-thirds past OPI just before SH 48. Coming from OPI it is on the left hand side. We were dealt a bad hand on this one.  We can cry or as social media just keep on putting out directions and information to the new voting locations.

Endless unsupported conspiracy theories will not get people to the polls, but good information and directions will.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC: I went to vote for the runoff election at the New Horizon clinic on Price Road. I had never been there before. I went there because on that particular day, the main library was too far from where I was and I went to the BISD main office and the security there told me that they didn't have the voting there so I ended up at the clinic. I actually like it MUCH BETTER. In the library you are really not in a private area, in the BISD main office you are practically at the entrance and in the clinic they have a closed room where it is private and separate from the public. I went in, I asked the receptionist where the voting was taking place, she signaled and I was pleasantly surprised of the silence (better than the library), and the privacy inside the room. You are so RIGHT in saying GOOD INFORMATION AND DIRECTIONS a lot of times is what takes people to the polls. I have been in situations where my voting precint was changed 3 times WITHOUT notifying me. I've been assigned to Hanna, Stell, Hudson and back to Hanna and I've lived in the same house for 21 years! Another thing, informing the public DOES NOT MEAN using only the internet (websites). There are many people over the tech age that don't have a computer or don't use the internet. Here in Brownsville, older people still go buy their morning paper, listen to the news on the radio or watch the 5 or 6 pm tv. news.