Thursday, June 23, 2016


I thought she was going to be 15 come August but based on older posts it appears she is only going to be 14.  She is doing very well for her age.  She is a bit demanding when she wants something.  She knows to demand what she wants when the phone rings, I am in the kitchen or speaking with a guest or my roommate.  You either give her two treats of put her outside.

Health wise she is doing great.  Her leg tumor surgery has not slowed her down one bit.  She sleeps late which I like.  She goes outside when I wake up does her business and then sits around the pool, unless I close the door.  Then she demands to come in.  Then she demands to go out.  We go one round and she knows she has to make a decision.  Most of the time she just gives in and allows me to close the door until it gets too hot and she wants to come in.

She is still great with the kids and anyone who comes into the house.  I tell her time for a bath and she walks into my large walk in shower with no fight.  She likes being clean and the shower massage. 

Well I have a very busy day - if a story breaks I will be back.

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