Thursday, June 16, 2016


With the TSC election about to be over, rumors are running wild as to who is running and who is not running for BISD. I  have not hidden my belief that Cata Presas-Garcia, Otis Powers, Minerva Peña and Jose Chirinos have to go. I could be wrong but all 4 are up for reelection.

I am not going to print rumors as to who is and is not going to run.  Once someone announces the BV will cover their announcement.

This is going to be a difficult election.  Mike Hernandez of OP10.33 thinks Desesperanza Zendejas is the best thing to happen to BISD.  This means Mike will be backing at least Cata Presas-Garcia because she has Carlos Marin's backing, and Jose Chirinos because he is part of Zendejas protection.  Now with Presas-Garcia hating Minerva Peña Carlos Marin may be able to get Mike Hernandez to back a candidate against Minerva.  The problem then becomes, if Mike goes after Minerva, which I think would be a good thing because like I said all 4 have to go, people will back Minerva rather than give Mike an in at BISD.

I have no idea where Otis Powers stands in this mix.

Desesperanza Zendejas and Joe Rodriguez are tight.  They will protect Jose Chirinos so we can expect OP10.33 to fund Chirinos.  If for some reason Mike Hernandez finally sees the light and backs a challenger to Chirinos that could hurt the candidate.  The best we can hope for is Mike Hernandez  just completely staying out of the BISD election. The problem is Carlos Marin will back his puppets and that will reflect on Mike Hernandez and OP10.33 and there is nothing Mike Hernandez can do to stop it.


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - the BV does not participate in law enforcement violations - especially when it is to push a corrupt agenda - take your game to the blog which has no rules or ethics

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

And heeeeres Mike (Hernandez) getting ready to support his candidates. The only true reputable and honest candidates. BULLLLL!