Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I am old enough to remember the rioting of the 60's and 70's.  I  remember watching newsreels in middle school of the rioting in the 50's.  The demographics of society had changed but its policies and politics had not.  Now we are at a new turn and the old guard is fighting tooth and nail to hold on even if it means ignoring the will of the people.

I do not care who you support, you have no right to throw rocks at the police.  This happened during last week in New Mexico after a Trump event.  Everyone is at war with Trump, and the Bernie and Hillary supporters are determined to destroy the Democratic party.

Eddie Treviño was not my choice for county judge - but he won and now I have a duty to sit back and see how he does before I pass judgment.  For  the record I believe the county cannot move forward until we have an elected county judge in place, so I favor Eddie Treviño taking office now.

Regardless of  what you think of Trump the people hate the press and they love when he attacks the press.  The American Press is a joke and a major part of the problem.  The other day I read an article which was so biased, I ended up sending a strong complaint to the publisher of NPR about how such garbage is only going to turn me away.  I detailed the bias.

It is because the people are divided that the people cannot win.

I saw a picture on Sunday on someone's FB page, and meant to save it to post.  It seems I have forgotten more then I remember.  I remember going to Met's games in the 70's with women using the men's bathroom because the line was too backed up to get into the ladies bathroom.  This was standard practice in all professional sports, Broadway theaters, and concerts.  The pictured claimed to be of women in the men's bathroom waiting to use one of the stalls with a clear view of the men using the urinals.  The picture reminded me of what I grew up with.  So my question is, with all of the problems this country is having why over 40's later is it now a problem other than to get idiots and bigots to vote Republican?

People we need to calm down.  We  need to focus on ways to grow our economy without demonizing people we do not like or understand.

Undocumented workers have noting to do with the  failed leadership in Cameron county.  We do not have manufacturing jobs because we do not have trained workers.  Within three years we will hopefully have the first graduates of this new work force training center.  We will have jobs, and undocumented workers.  The issue of jobs will be solved, and the undocumented workers will still be here because they are not the problem.

Keep on fighting and see where we end up.

You know, we have no free speech because we are not being heard.  Free speech is a political tool to get us to send our children to die in foreign wars to only come home to inadequate healthcare and no jobs.  Is not economic development more important than free speech?  I am not saying to do away with free speech.  I am saying let's stop fooling ourselves - no one is listening so our free speech does does matter.


If OP10.33 decides to run a write in candidate for tax assessor - their candidate will win.  Their candidate will have all of the money needed to make themselves known.  This is reality so accept it and try  instead to work to unite the people against the rigged system which favors money.


Anonymous said...

Trevino was not elected county judge, he was only elected Democratic nominee for that position. The election for county judge takes place in November. There is lots of time for someone to file for the November election as a write-in candidate. I heard that deadline is like August 23rd. Hey Republicans, lets get our asses together and get us a good WRITE-IN county judge candidate.

Anonymous said...

How many signatures are needed or how much is the fee to have a write in candidate be considered a legitimate candidate?

BobbyWC said...

No idea. Look I like the idea but I know the people in this town. Everyone believes they are the best. Maybe last week or two weeks ago I did the post on Spoilers concerning BISD. I am telling you morons will try and run believing with no money and no political machine they can win by claiming corruption.

The spoilers are ready to move on this - it is over with. We have too many morons wanting to be elected to step back and allow the best person who can win to run as the only write in.

Sorry for the bad news - but I learned a long time ago you cannot control the ignorant.

Bobby Wc