Thursday, June 9, 2016


Look I am not happy about the change in early voting locations.  But you can go to the library and see they are very busy with a lot of children.  Just maybe the low voter turn out is the result of a lack of interest in a nearly non-exist election.


Anyone tell me, what does the of locations in Brownsville have to do with only 15 people in three days voting in Port Isabel and only 29 in Los Fresnos?  Nothing.  The election outside the blogosphere does not exist.

The blogs fabricating a conspiracy without even checking out what is happening at the libraries with the summer programs only empowers the corrupt because it discredits the blogs.  The same goes for all of the nasty comments which serve no purpose other than to discredit the blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC I went to vote at the New Horizon clinic this morning; it was around 8:30 so the ladies were putting up signs and they told me to return after 9 am. I went back around noon. One of the ladies recognized me and said thank you for returning and that she was happy I found the place. I didn't tell her that I knew where the place is because that was my second time voting there. I like early voting there because the area is close and you have a lot of privacy. When I was placing the ballot inside the opening, I heard it drop and to my surprise it sounded like my ballot was probably the second or third one there at it was noon. Ah, but wait until the new TSC board gets installed; everyone is going to be commenting, complaining and throwing rocks at everyone else. IF YOU DONT VOTE, DONT COMPLAIN.