Sunday, June 12, 2016


Any elected Republican or Republican seeking public office unwilling to denounce their fellow Republicans who have been demonizing gays and lesbians and the others within the spectrum of groups other than heterosexuals needs to be labeled murderers.  The events in Florida early this morning leaving 50 dead in a gay club is a consequence of this endless use of bigotry by Republicans to engage a base of ignorant voters who vote based solely on ignorance and hate instead of facts.


"Sec. 8. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS; LIBEL. Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write or publish his opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege.

Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa has no idea what her life is about to become over the cyber lynching of the mentally ill. Not even our incompetent city attorney or police chief will be able to protect her. There are laws to protect the mentally ill from the evil which is Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa. The government will find out who in the police department helped her to violate the rights of these people.

When you use a public forum to trash an entire class of people and try and force them from your neighborhood you are encouraging the same type hate and bigotry which killed these people in Florida. When one of these mentally ill people get hurt because of the hate Jessica is encouraging against these people she will say they were endangering her children. LIAR!!!! The only one doing any endangering is Jessica. There are consequences Jessica, and the Civil Rights Enforcement Division and HUD will protect these people from your bigotry. You have spent your entire life destroying people to get what you want. Those days are behind you.


My view has always been the same on the issue, if you as a couple want an open relationship, or want to join a swingers group go for it - so long as both of you are in agreement.

Brownsville has the distinct honor of now having at least three elected officials who have engaged in adulterous relationships without consequences from the voters. This is in part because their opponents have been told it is not an issue - it is - if they are willing to destroy a family and leave the family without a father in the home they are sending a strong message children and their pain do not matter. They are sending a message that they are not bound by any moral compass which is a strong indication as to the type elected official they will be.

Bigotry and adultery injure and kill. When a child as an adult learns they were conceived while their whore mother was sleeping with a married man the child feels betrayed. The mental health problems which follow are significant. Children cannot reconcile the fact their father abandon his other children and their mother was a whore having sex with a married man, while also trying to love their parents. It may take until adulthood for the whore to realize what she has done to all of these children, but by then she will not care - she got the money.

I am fed up with this society where we live without consequences.

I expect the Democrats to force in the House and Senate a non-binding resolution denouncing all groups and individuals demonizing gays and lesbians, and other non-heterosexual groups withing the sexual spectrum. The murderous Republicans will never let such a Resolution get a vote - and then the people will know the truth.


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BobbyWC said...

Pathetic distraction going nowhere. I never said there are not anti gay Democrats - god do you know anything about the South? I said it is the Republicans putting out the hate speech - that is a fact you cannot refute.

I defy you to name one Democrat running for office who is on TV all of the time bad mouthing gays and the many groups within the sexual spectrum which are not heterosexual? The hate and the legislation and all of the lawsuits are coming from the Republicans. It fuels the bigotry to the point that people like this man say enough is enough and kill.

And I noticed you were unwilling to denounce the haters and instead called me the hater for demanding the haters be denounced. You only proved my point.

Bobby WC