Monday, May 16, 2016


"She points out that between 2004 and 2014 the number of law school applicants dropped from about 100,000 to roughly 55,000."

                  Most working lawyers I know even after 20 years are still working 70 hour weeks if they want to make the money.  Many find themselves spending more time travelling than actually lawyering.  Here in Brownsville there are only two ways to survive, lots of court appointments, or extending your practice to include the entire LRGV, San Antonio and Austin.  Divorce rates are high along with break-ups as significant others grow tired of waiting on their loved ones to have time for them or the family.
                I even know a corporate lawyer who earns good money and only works 50 hours a week.  She wants out.  Her job is mundane.  The legal secretary starts with a template standard contract and fills in some basic information concerning the parties.  The secretary then turns over the contract to my friend who fills in the particulars.  She goes slow so that she gets her 50 hours, but the truth be known she can do her job in 30 hours.  It is the same boring contracts every day.  The negotiations are done by higher ups who often are not even lawyers.  
                 When you are earning $150,000 a year and are struggling to give your kids the life you never had, you find it depressing.  There is a lot of drug abuse. With the job of lawyering comes a sense of entitlement.  When you do not get it you turn to corruption.  You end up spoiling your kids who come to believe you have unlimited funds for the best private schools and the best universities.  
                To be fair there are honest lawyers who earn a respectable living, but do not live beyond their means.  They keep their kids living in the real world and teach them early on to not rely on the parents for their future.  They are a lot happier.  It is hard to be honest in an industry which thrives on corruption and back door deals.  To the honest lawyers my hats off to you - but I also known how hard it is on you to make a living the old fashion way - through honest hard work.


Anonymous said...

I have a GED
$0 zero debt in student loans
and make $100k doing nothing
And I'm 24 years old
Gotta love border patrol

BobbyWC said...

A lot of Border Patrol officers put their life on the line every day and work very hard in the heat. I would also imagine detaining children and women just fleeing war and drug cartels has to be emotionally hard sometimes.

bobby WC