Monday, May 16, 2016


I am the first to support the protest idea of not voting at all when you have two bad candidates who have nothing to offer.

Politics is politics, whether it is in Cameron county or Minnesota.  Friday's mailers by both candidates for county judge turned me off big time.  Normally they would have been enough to keep me home.

Brownsville will not move forward until we are a metroplex.   I have interviewed Dan Sanchez many times and I can tell you he has a plan to make Cameron county into a metroplex.  

Only a complete fool is waiting on even the semblance of leadership from the City of Brownsville. They have sued the state over the issue of extra territorial jurisdictional.  This only further angered surrounding cities.  The COB has declared war on Commissioners court.  When we think of the COB all we should care about is to make sure every sitting commissioner has an opponent the next time they are up for reelection.  Such as BISD the COB needs a complete house cleaning when it comes to its elected officials.

 We know for sure well over a million dollars has been wasted on Imagine Brownsville and United Brownsville - a con job executed by Carlos Marin and Eddie TreviƱo.  I will not say Dan Sanchez is clean - which is my point.  All we have to go on is who has the vision and has been talking about it for years?


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