Wednesday, May 11, 2016


To the trolls whose comments did not get through - just because OP10.33 lost every election, it does not mean all of your called out lies and distractions became truth.  I do not get you trolls, You hate the BV, so why do you read it?  I wish I had that much free time on my hands to read things I believe to always be garbage.


Anonymous said...

I saw this on Facebook. Dan Says
"This is not a battle between one city and the rest of the county. We must all work together and help each other. What is good for Brownsville can also benefit San Benito and what San Benito does can benefit Port Isabel or any other city in this great county. Great things will always happen if we unite."

Very nice... In the midst of all is good to have someone calling for unity.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Treviño is very questionable with Carlos Marin and Mike Henandez carrying his banner for election. This should raise a red flag to all voters. Marin and Treviño have taken millions from the tax payers for their own benefit. They will use the county judges position to take more. We can not afford Eddie Treviño and Carlos Marin to be in control of our tax dollars. Please vote for Dan Sanchez. Huuurrryyyy!

BobbyWC said...

I know people do not like this, but I believe Mike's original intent was good. He just got in with the wrong crowd. But now his ego will not allow him to see the reality. Maybe the right people will get to him, and he will start new with locals guiding him instead of outsiders, and Carlos Marin.

Maybe it is time for Ralph Cowen and Sergio Lopez to invite him over to the Port to see the part he was never told about. Maybe the meeting will teach him he was played, by Marin.

Mike's window at redemption is short. I hope his original intent will bring his ego under control and he can still do good for Cameron county. I hate giving up on people.

But I must say he was passionate about wanting to help adults who need special help to pass the GED. But he is not educated on these issues. I have been through this, BISD will not apply for the grant money needed to hire the specialists needed to certify which GED students need special accommodation when taking the test. The College of Education at the old UTB laughed me off when I expressed the idea of their master students being used to run a clinic to certify the adults in need of special accommodations.

I have spoken about this before and in fact for years. All of my long term readers know that special needs children and adults are a big issue for me.

Mike was not pulling my leg when he spoke of this issue. He seems to care, but is getting a lot of bad advice from Marin and others.

Smart people pull back, and reassess their actions.

One can hope Mike does this, and if is original intent was to do good, he will start anew, but small. Teaching one man how to support his family goes a long way in changing many lives.

Bobby WC

Pat Ahumada said...

When I met with Mike and set up meetings within my network, he was forwarded about Marin, the mayor and Rusteberg by all who met with Mike. Obviously, Mike made a decision to pursue the alliance with the most corrupt group, which has backfired thus far and if we stick together, we will make sure Trevino is defeated in the interest of good government. I would not let my guard down and trust what Mike promises, as he has demonstrated to prefer the elite's agenda.